What kind of lawyer do I need?

My GF is in a battle of wills with her job. If I’m getting the info correctly, (short version) one of the people in HR is accusing her of committing a felony, and passing it around in emails, under company auspices.
I can’t vouch for any of this, and I’m staying as far out of it as is possible, but she is hot to sue, and she conned me into saying I would find out what kind of lawyer she would need. Can anybody tell me what to look for specialization-wise in order to get a lawsuit going?

Look for somebody experienced with defamation suits or employment law, or preferably both. You might call your state bar association and see if they have a lawyer referral service or board of specialization that can direct you to somebody.

What **Pravnik ** said.

The state bar has a search engine for locating lawyers by specialty: http://www.oklahomafindalawyer.com/FindALawyer

And keep in mind that a competent employment lawyer who finds that he’s getting in over his head in libel law can always bring in a specialist in that area, and vice versa.

How disappointing. :frowning: :frowning:

I thought you might have been at the very least a serial killer.

Can’t he be a serial killer and also have a GF with legal problems?

What felony is she accused of doing? :confused:

Is the objective to get money or to stop the murmering? (I assume, of course, that the GF is innocent; if not, it’s not defamation.) For the former, I’d lean towards a tort attorney; for the latter, an employment attorney. FYI, there was a case here in SF recently where a MUNI supervisor (that’s our mass transit agency) spread false rumors that a driver was having an affair. Our fair city ended up picking up a tab for several million bucks, IIRC.

The HR person is saying something about her doing some kind of money mishandling, and is saying that she did it deliberately, more to the point, she is emailing it to a number of people. I don’t know if she’s innocent or not. (I’m trying to disengage from her, at this point) I have only her story, and I can’t remember too clearly if it has changed or not. I do think that it a mad thing for the HR people to be gratuitously adding in the “deliberate” part, esp. since it would be exceedingly tricky to prove.