What kind of pen do you use?

Sorry if this has been asked before…I did the most specific search I could but didn’t want to look through all 7,000 or so replies.

What is your favorite kind of pen to use? Do you have a brand/color/etc. of pen that you must use, and you get cranky when you have to use something else?

I have to use a blue Pilot Precise Rolling Ball with an extra-fine tip. For some reason, few other pens work well with my handwriting. I guess my style of handwriting looks best and is most easily written in liquid ink, not the gel or gummy kind most ball-points have.

I can’t stand cheap black ball-points. They make me cringe.

Anyone else picky about pens?

Oh sure, I spend years in rehab working on overcoming my pen fetish and you have to start this thread. I mean, I can’t walk by a stationary store without getting all hot and sweaty.

I have managed to get my collection of pens that I use down to six although I carry a number of others in my briefcase. I think at last count there were about twenty there. In my defense half of them are coloured gel pens that I use for charts. There are also a few mechanical pencils and a few highliters as well as some cheap ballpoints I have to give to the penless.

No, I don’t have a pen protector in my pocket.

Anyways, my number one pick is still my Parker fountain pen. I have tried many of those swanky gel pens and not a one can compare for smoothness of writing. I have had this pen well over seventeen years now and the only thing I did was add a rubberized grip to the stainless steel barrel as the pen is quite thin and can be a trifle slippery.

I have found that Zebra makes an excellent pen, I have the F301 ballpoint and the matching M301 pencil as well as a Sharbo. This is a combination pen / pencil with a rubberized body. None of these Zebras cost me more than $10.00 and they have shown themselves to be an extremely reliable pen.

Because I have to write on carbonless paper I also use a Parker ballpoint, no other pen I have will write on this material without siezing up except for the famous Bic disposable.

I’m with you on the cheap pen thing, I hate them with a passion.

For anyone else out there with an overwhelming pen fetish, I can say there is help out there if you want it. Staples, Office Max, Grand and Toy, Office Depot, and quite a few other stores carry a vast selection of fine writing instruments. Speaking of which, have you ever cast your eyes on a Rotring? Red and blue ballpoints, a highliter and a pencil encased in an expertly crafted stainless steel body. It also comes in a model with a pointer for your Palm. If I had one of these I might never look at another pen.

Nah… I’d still be using my fountain pen 90% of the time.

Lola is just as bad as I am in regard to pens. She is truly my perfect mate as one of our favourite activities is… you guessed it… cruising the stationary aisle .


Zebra pens. I own 10 (8 are on ‘permanent loan’ to other people :mad: ). I prefer the refillables.

A box of Sanford uni-ball ONYX is also in my satchel bag, for when I cannot find my Zebras.

Add to that, a desk drawerful of cheap, souvenir, and promotional pens - twisty pens advertizing a local chiropractor, pens with floaty NASA rockets, shredded-up money pens, you name it.

These are the ones that work. I went through the drawer last night and weeded out any that did not write by the second swirly scribble, sentimental pen or not. (Okay, the sentimental ones got a second or third chance, and only one failed).

I use a Waterman “Phileas” fine-nib fountain pen, marbled blue with gold accents and blue-black ink drawn into the refillable reservoir. Like this one, but you can get them cheaper at places like Staples or Office Despot… er, “Depot”.

I use the same pen as above, except for two differences: mine’s a roller point (fine) and red.

I’m also overly fond of Sanford Uni-Ball Gel Impact (1.0mm) pens as good throw-aways.

If I need a red pen I like the Sanford Liquid Expresso Extra Fine.

If I need a ballpoint pen I like Papermate Flexgrip Ultra (in black or purple).

We pitched in and bought my Father-in-law a Montblanc ball point. He was a pharmacist and loved that pen. He took it to work everyday and used it all the time. The last thing he ever wrote was a Fentanyl (sp?) laden “Thank you, Bless you” in a card to my co-worker who had organized food for my in-law family. (30 teachers made gobs of casseroles, etc. for those in the house who took care of FIL and didn’t have time to cook). He used that pen.

When I started my new job 3 months after he died, my mother-in-law gave me his pen. I took it to work every day and used it all the time. Sometime around the middle of December it disappeared. I’m not saying it was stolen, but I pretty much always kept it in my pocket or on my desk. Now, it’s in neither place.

It wasn’t the greatest writing pen. It had black ink and I’m partial to blue. It got kinda clumpy and sometimes had streaks. When I used it for long periods of time my hands would get sweaty and the pen would slip out of my fingers.

But I could spin it around my thumb.

I keep a journal of letters that I write to my son. I started the day after he was born. I tell him how much I love him. I tell him how wonderful he is. I tell him all about his groth and developments. I tell him how scared I am about his growing up. I tell him that I hold him all the time now because one day he’ll not want me to. Up until the middle of December I wrote every letter with that pen.

Maybe “losing” the pen is symbolic somehow. Maybe it means letting go of my father-in-law and grasping my son. Maybe I don’t “need” the pen for whatever reason. All I know is that I would give most anything to have that pen back.

And it wasn’t even that great a pen.

I’m also a pen addict. I often reward myself for starting a new project by buying a new pen. Not the extra-fancy types–generally something off the shelf, anything more than $2 is a special pen for me.

I used to love my Sensa but my son bit through the gel part and now it oozes.

My current favorite is a giveaway pen that someone loaned me at a meeting. After listening to me rave about it, they let me keep it. It’s a ceramic rollerball and a truly great pen. People who borrow it say the same thing to me (however, I’m not so generous as to pass it on and keep the chain going). It’s marked “Avid” and “CSG” so I should do a search and figure out what company gave this out.

I am very faithful to my brand/style of pen, because it has never failed me in any way. I can honestly say that the pilot G2 (fine point, not extra fine) is the best writing utensil I have ever used. I always carry blue or black in my pocket, and keep a spare in the house, and one in the backpack. I rarely use another pen unless I absolutely have to, and even then I find them all to be uncomfortable and unpleasant to use.

but for every day work, Black microfine pens.

fine leaves just too thick and annoying of a line. Blue ink is just wrong. Other colors (except red when red is explicitly called for) are even more wrong.

There are about 3 brands that I switch between now. Sanford Uniball Vision (which is almost too thick to write with, I need thinner pens), Sanford Uniball Onyx, and some kind of pen by Pilot (I know them when I see them, I just don’t have any on me right now.)

For personal writing - pen and ink… either the glass one that my sister gave me or this lovely wood one that I found a few years ago.

well, Hell-o!

I too, insist on using a Precise Rolling ball pen, black, however.

Yet it’s not my favourite pen. My favourite pen that i got at Flyrabbit looks like a hypodermic needle, with blood-ink in it. It’s so cool, you press the plunger to make the pen come out.

Unfortunately, the ink is an ugly maroon colour and it doesn’t write darkly enough for me.

It’s my favourite pen, but I never write with it.

I have another pen shaped like a worm that doesn’t write well, too. It’s bendy.

I own two Parker Duofolds. It’s the best pen ever invented. My wife gives me grief about writing with a fountain pen, but she admits they’re great pens. I really enjoy the actual physical act of writing, so I have always loved pens.

When I was going to make my first good pen purchase my dad encouraged me to try a fountain pen. I was hooked. I have been fortunate to get two Duofolds for less than the price of one, so I haven’t broken the bank.

I like to buy a new pen whenever I start a new journal or such. I typically choose some type of black roller ball pen with permanent ink.

I was given a Waterman ballpoint pen as a gift (kind of like Johnny’s but green), but honestly, it doesn’t write very well. However, it has a lot of sentimental value so I’ll keep it!

For everyday use I like Uniball ONYX in black micro (finer than fine). I also like Pilot Razor or Razor II (they write the same, but I think the Razor II is cooler-looking) - they’re fine-pointed felt-tips. Very cool but Staples doesn’t carry them (Office Max does, I’m pretty sure). For some reason, I’m partial to green ink.
Those Sensa pens are pretty nice too, but I can’t afford one.

Went to the movies with Jack and instead of bringing flowers, he bought me a Sanford PhD—black, medium point, gel ink, click action, with a grip. Perfect for charting. The way to an SRN’s heart…

I use a cheapo Shaffer fountain pen that costs less than $5 at Hobby Lobby (or anyother place that sells cheap art supplies). It’s green and I’ve had it since September. I’ve had a love/hate relationship for it, because cheap fountain pens are infamous for leaking. But I love my pen because the nib is fit to my writing style. I’ve finally won the battle against leaking, so I’m quite happy. I won’t use anything else and haven’t since September. Ball point pens, or anyothers, make my hands hurt when writing and I write a lot.

Gosh, and I thought it was just me with a pen fetish. I’ve got so many, but of course, I keep losing them, giving them away, or they dry up or something. My favorites are the Parker Roller Ball pens. I have a Parker fountain pen too. Parker makes GREAT pens. The cheap Bic pens write well too. And I love the Pilot BP-S fine pens, especially purple. I’ve got some color gel pens for grading papers and art projects and things, and I’ve got a Sumie brush pen by Sakura so I can practice Chinese characters. I love it because I don’t have to worry about having the ink in a separate tray. Clean-up’s a cinch. I’ve not tried the Zebra pens, though. Now why did I read this thread? I’m going to have to go look into Zebra pens.
But you know I wonder about these pens that cost thousands of dollars. You know, the Mont Blanc pens? I heard they have one for like $125,000. It’s diamond encrusted or some shit like that. Can you imagine? As easy as it is to lose pens, or just not think and loan someone a pen. What if you have a pen like that, and in an absent-minded fit, you let someone borrow it, and they forget to return it? Oh well, I guess if you can afford to spend that kind of money on a pen like that, then you’ve got money to burn. And according to the people who work at Mont Blanc in NY–if they are to be believed–these $125,000 diamond encrusted pens are in hot demand. I really want to meet some of these people who’re buying those pens and just ask them what the hell they are thinking. Mont Blanc also has pens that cost anywhere from $1000-$10,000 that are made out of silver or something. Can anyone of you out there enlighten me on how spending thousands of dollars on a pen can make you write better because I just do not see it.

I have tendonitis in my wrists, and part of the Dr. recommendations is that I use the Pilot Dr. Grip. Just like Cyn’s Sanford PhD. Big fat pen all over (for evenly distributed balance) with a squooshy gel grip. I have one in blue and one in black with refills for each. I enjoy them fairly well, but I like some other pens better–but because my “injuries” are work-induced, I MUST use the recommended pens while at work. If my boss catches me using a non-Dr. Grip pen, he scolds me.

Secretly, though, I like to use the Pilot Precise V7 fine rolling ball in black. Or the Sanford Uni-gel grip in Medium. Mmmm…pens. For fun, the Pentel R.S.V.P. in nifty colors like pink and purple is great. I have those in my purse for writing checks.

Yes, you can find me drooling in the stationery aisle.

Generally, people respect a fountain pen more than a disposable one and tend not to “forget” to give them back. But there is a simple way to make sure they give it back. When someone asks to borrow your pen, keep the cap. If they casually put it in their pocket nib-down, they’ll have a nice inkspot. If they put it in nib-up, then they’ll get a smaller ink spot. Plus they might poke themselves.

While I have a Waterman roller-ball, I haven’t used it. And I haven’t used the ballpoint either. But I think the Waterman fountain pen writes very smoothly. The only complaint I have is that the fine tip is as large as the medium on some other pens, but I’ll live with that because it’s a smooth writer.

Well, I generally carry around a Bic rubber-grip blue medium pen. They’re cheap and easy to come by.

Lately, though, I’ve been using a clear pental with just the rubber-grip at the tip of it. Sadly, the clip broke off but it still works well.

It’s not so much that I have to have one specific pen, it’s more like I have to have different specific pens for various jobs. I’ll try any pen once.

As far as ball points go, I like the Pilot BP-S Fine. It’s very pointy, so I like to use it especially when filling out forms that have carbon copies. Except they’re not really carbon, anymore. For general writing, I use the Pilot Hi-Tecpoint, Extra Fine. (I didn’t know what it was called, I had to go look in my purse). I love a Sharpie when it comes time to make some neat labels.

My first boss had this thing for color coding, so everyone in the office had one color to use for pens, work folders, etc. Mine was Purple. Our office has since expanded to the point where there are too many people to use the color coding, but old habits die hard. I’ve noticed that Green and Blue continue to use “their” colors as well.

I also collect souvenir pens in all different shapes and wacky colors. One of the best ball points I ever had was a pen my mom picked up at a conference that advertised some brand of laxative, with huge pink letters. I think it discouraged people from stealing what was otherwise one of the finest pens I have ever had the pleasure of writing with. I debated calling the laxative company when the pen finally ran out of ink.

Ok, you know it’s bad when you sit around being nostalgic about old ball point pens you have known and loved. I need help, serious help.