What kind of rewards does your work give out? (or Damn, I work for the wrong place!)

Free coffee, tea, hot chocolate
Lunch on the company a few days a year
24 days PTO in the first year
401(k) decent company match, fully vested immediately
Season tickets for two to the Opera
Can work from home when the weather sucks (like today)
Lots of flexibilty time-wise, as long as the work gets done

Best of all, lots of appreciation for people’s work spread around on a regular basis. Gold!

A daily whipping.

I can see a window if I stand up and lean waaaay over.

Free soda and coffee.
Every quarter we have some group event, often lunch
I got a $200 gift card as a project bonus.
I also just got a little stand with two (hopefully non-working) microprocessors from working on them.

Things were much better during the bubble. Big bonuses. Lots of shirts and stuff.
Nicer events. And one Christmas dinner at a really nice restaurant for the whole groups,SOs included, and nice sweatshirts for all

“the beatings will continue until morale improves”

I get to sleep with the owner’s* wife.

I am the owner. And also the janitor, IT department, Accounting, Payroll, HR, etc.

I once got $100 for being support person of the month (a “support person” being anyone in the department who is not in direct sales). It was presented in cash. Then about half was taken out in taxes in my next check.

Back in the day, when we had money, I got invited three times to share the company executive suite at AT&T Park (home of SF Giants in SF), which was really sweet. They even paid for food.

We used to have pretty good off-site parties too, with open bar etc. That was before litigation made it the responsibility of the host if someone got into trouble through DUI.

These days the only real perq is to keep my job until I am ready to retire (crossing fingers, less than 20 months to go).

Aside from stuff like medical and dental insurance, 401K matching, year-end bonus:

Free coffee and tea
Two or three events each year with lunch brought in (Halloween party, etc.)
Holiday party at a nice local restaurant, including drawings for a few gift cards.
If you use up your whole $1500 deductible on your medical insurance, the company reimburses you for half of it.
Significant anniversaries starting with 10 years get a cash gift and recognition at an annual get together with dessert and beverages.

At least one company trip a year, Colorado, Caribbean cruises, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, Portland, Las Vegas, houseboat, cabin, etc.

Really good money bonuses, Christmas parties, summer boat parties, lunches, etc.

Paid vacation, holidays, health, ira’s.

She may be a slave driver, but she tries to make up for it.