What kind of "terrorist torture" music would you actually enjoy?

The scenario: You’re trapped in the Branch Davidian compound at Waco, or you’re Manuel Noriega in the final days of his regime, or perhaps you’re merely being held at Guantanamo and due to the new P/C rules about delivering torture the worst things your captors can do is play loud music you hate. Which kind of music repeated over and over again would you actually enjoy, a la B’rer Rabbit in the briar patch?

If by Country music you mean the typical 70’s 80’s dreck stuff, then it would be all over in 3 minutes.

I think that modern classical orchestral would be a pretty powerful psyche weapon

Dude, Boyz II Men is about the opposite of “hip-hop/gangsta rap”.

I was specifically thinking of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart” which is a standard torture device. :smiley:

I picked Tejano/Salsa. I got addicted to Cumbia and Plena a while back; if you include the Cuban jazz stuff, my “Latin” playlists probably outnumber all other categories. :slight_smile: They really used that stuff for torture, or is that just your choice?

I could also live with New Wave for a long time. (No Depeche Mode, though. Hubby’s favorite band, still, and it is approaching torture for me.)


I admit it: I am a dirty atheist communist trying to overthrow the government and my comrades are hiding under the bed. Please just turn that music off!

I’m not sure which category the Allman Brothers Band ought to be in so I’ll just say I could listen to Stormy Monday from Live at the Fillmore East as loud as they could play it – from now on.

Also any hard bop or cool jazz. Especially Miles doing anything.

And Deodato.

Any Beatles stuff - I could listen to a number of their albums (Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, etc) on repeat pretty much indefinitely.

Hate tejano, like quite a bit of salsa. Dislike most heavy metal, enjoy some hard rock. And, it’s just called “Country.”

So, you’re categories aren’t working for me. But I’d say there are songs in each of your categories that would be non-torturous. “Country” would be the least likely to be non-torturous for me – in other words, most likely to be torturous.

The 80s, but only for a limited period. 1980-1989 was far too long, for instance. With anything that is repeated I’m crazy by about the third rotation and killing by the fifth.

I could take all of that. What I can’t take is easy listening or adult contemporary. Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, Kenny G. ARRRRRGGGHH!

Maybe he meant Boyz II Men doing “hip-hop/gangsta rap”…in which case I would be surrendering, ratting out my team mates, and converting to whatever religion they want me to follow. :smiley:

I love New Wave and Hard Rock, and if they did Broadway Showtunes, I’d love it.