What kind of water tap is this?

I need to buy the water tap in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkjY94dGbvA seen at 4:43 what kind is it, I have never seen something like that before what is it called?

Looks like one of the taps to a sink. Hot or cold water. Doesn’t look special…

no most taps you have to screw in from the bottom, this one you dont


Try a search for a “water butt tap”

All I found are plastic ones I’m looking for a metal one like in the video.

I can’t access the video on my phone, but a google image search for ‘water butt tap’ brings up plastic and metal versions.

Are you just looking for a tap that is plumbed on the horizontal? Does the valve type matter - from the first pic results, I assume you are looking for a ball valve?

If your local hardware/diy store can’t get you one, try an industial/mining or pipeline supply company. Worst case - you’d have to buy the valve, inlet, and outlet and custom build your own - probably 2 minutes of work.

Jeez. Try a search for “brass water butt tap”

I couldn’t tell for sure but my guess would be the valve He installed was a Bulkhead style valve and the inside locking device wasn’t installed.
There are many products available that this could be done with but most are installed on a barrel or bucket with a hole large enough to allow one to easily install the inside components and in many cases the bulkhead valve or other fitting is installed on a cap making it much easier.
Now the improvisor will still install the inside hardware through the small access kind of like a ship built inside a bottle.

This is a link to a similar valve, Here

The one in the video was chrome or steel not brass

It might show up with the expanded search terms

tap OR faucet

I tried that too with no luck

How about something like this http://store.rainbrothers.com/brass-rain-barrel-spigot/

I assure you that chrome fixtures aren’t chrome all the way through. Anyone who’s ever had a wrench slip while tightening the fixture will testify to that. Which is why I pay attention to the advice of wrapping the fixture in masking tape before applying a wrench. Gives adequate purchase but allows the wrench teeth to bite into something that I won’t get mad about wrench bite marks in.

They’re chrome-plated brass, if they’re metal at all.