What last made you feel old?

I know this has been done, but I feel it’s time for another thread, since I always like hearing this.

I just went over to Toys R Us for a tambourine for my Ren Faire costume, and the **toy ** store made me feel old! All the laptops and such for kids nowadays, Sorry is *electronic * as well as the old-fashioned way, there’s dollies of every color and nationality instead of just ol’ white Barbie, and

a Barbie CD player for $15.99! And I’m only a 80’s child, so I’m not that old, really!


I got carded the other day. My first, instinctual reaction was to feel flattered.

Then I realized that the last time I was carded, I resented it, and that I had turned a corner of some kind.

I got sunburnt on Sunday. I realized that if I stretched out the skin around my eyes, I had white lines where the skin in my wrinkles didn’t burn. :frowning:

Early next month, I’ll be able to ask Number One Son to run by the package store to pick up the wine I forgot for my dinner party. I probably won’t do it, though, because the very thought makes me feel ancient.

I crossed the line from feeling young to feeling old, though, the day I ran into some old friends. They were in town for their daughter to interview for a (very prestigious) scholarship. In my mind, though, the daughter should’ve still been wearing the diapers I used to change!

People always told me I looked young for my age (even with a beard).

Now that beard has turned gray in a few short years, and the young for your age comments have evaporated.

I’d shave but MrsBwana still loves the beard.

The pain in my back when I got out of bed this morning. :frowning:

Lots of things.

My birthday.

Today! :frowning:

(44 and not even the joy of being a prime number any more) :eek:

Just last night, in fact. The 19 year old girl I work with really liked the skirt I was wearing (which looks kind of like this). Quick calculation – it’s easily 5 years older than she is. :frowning:

My birthday is in 2 days. It’s one of the milestones that end in a 0. It’s making me feel constantly old.

I work at a record store. A couple of days ago a couple of young ladies (high schoolish) came in and asked about a show we were advertising that was happening just outside of town. I gave them directions to the community hall where it was to take place. One of them asked me “when did ever go there?” I replied (feeling slightly old), “the last time I was there was probably 15 years ago”. One of the girls then turned to the other and said…
“see, I told you that place was really old.”

My only consolation is that they will get theirs one day.

when my stepdaughter referred to LL Cool J as someone “from your day” when I asked who was doing a duet with Beyonce on the radio…

I was sorta hitting on this (younger) guy this weekend and A-Ha’s “Take on me” came on. I realized that when that song came out (1984), the guy was four freakin’ years old. I was a junior in high school. :rolleyes: Sigh, why are the young ones so cute…

'Cause if they weren’t purty to look at, there’d be no valid reason to let them live long enough to get some sense?

I was thinking the other day about my cousins, and how I wasn’t home this summer, so I can’t baby-sit them like I did in high school, and I kinda wish I was home so I could baby-sit them, because I always enjoyed that…

And then I realised they’re 12 and 14 and old enough to stay home alone.

I used to think that it was a sign of being old when the things you grew up with came back in style. Either the 90s came back to soon, or I’m old :frowning:

Back in October or November I was officiating an 8th grade football game. I was working the Head Linesman position, which means, in addition to keeping up with the game, I also have to keep up with whomever the home-team coach appoints to run the 10-yard chains and the down marker. Sometimes, these people are parents, but this particular game, they were 3 scrubs off the “B” team. I found myself, in true old-man fashion, calling them “son” all game – “Set it down right here, son.” “That’s good, son.” “Let’s go, son, first down headed this way”. I could feel the gray hairs and wrinkles forming right there on the football field. I’m only 26!

I was talking to a younger person who was interested, like me, in space missions, and I mentioned Apollo-Soyuz. And got back a blank stare.

This month, I got my first birthday card to feature a “You’re getting old” joke. And that was from my Parents. Also, I realized that I’m no longer in the 18-34 demographic. Nowadays, if I say I hate Spike TV, people will just dismiss it as a codgerism.

Hypno-Toad, it is quite valid to hate Spike TV because there is not a show on that network worth spending more than 5 minutes watching.

Jeez, children of the 80s and 90s complaining about being old. Kids these days…

I went to my 20th High School Reunion this last weekend. If that wasn’t enough, one of my classmates couldn’t attend because her daughter was getting married that evening. Oh, and her grandchild is due in September.

I don’t care what the numbers are. I am ***not ** * old enough to be a grandmother!

Well, I attended an all-alumni event at my college recently. I decided to go because it’s been 20 years since I graduated. Some of the folks I attended with really looked old and lots of the chubby, middle-aged folks were obviously younger than me.

And, today, I ate at Pizzaria Uno. Now, I’ve been getting the same thing there for years and the waitress commented that it’s her favorite. That’s when I realized I’ve been eating the Four Cheese since before this young lady was born.