What "lewd groping" did the Chilean national soccer team do?

*Chile: Since the last World Cup — for which the Chileans did not qualify — the entire Chilean team has been restructured and remodeled after an incident involving “lewd groping” by the team during the 2007 Copa America.

What happened? I can’t find anything. Did they try to start a honeymoon with some fans without having the decency of a wedding ring first?

Thought when I read the headline that it was because their players had the habit of grabbing other guys’ junk in the wall, or when otherwise fighting for position. Instead, evidently six of them got trashed after a match in the 2007 Copa America and behaved so badly in their hotel room that the hotel filed an official complaint. Cite,

From http://latinfootballworld.wordpress.com/,

I found it hard to find other accounts of the story.

This is the most complete account of the story that I could find in English:

Story here: http://goal.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/07/08/todays-harsh-reaction-chile/ [the EFE article to which this story linked is no longer available, and my Spanish isn’t good enough to locate it].