What Little Things Worry You?

As in my wife is away. I fear I will die overnight and someone will find the six empty beer cans on the kitchen bench.

All three of my cats have managed to get their collars off. And I can’t find them (the collars, that is). I know they have to be somewhere in the house, but a quick check of the floor doesn’t show them lying out in plain sight, which means I’m going to have to start looking under the furniture.

And in the meantime, I have naked cats.

That I won’t get a job after I graduate from college in Dec.


what to put in my obit
what to put in my resume’
what to put in my portfolio
what to put in my cart
what to make for dinner on sunday
what to do in the new millenium dark ages
what to listen to next after The Ignorant Mob

The rule in our house is, no treats for naked kitties. I wish I could get Luna to understand that. If she did, she’d come up to me holding her collar in her mouth and meowing for me to put it back on when she manages to get it off.

Band name!

I managed to find the oldest one’s collar, which isn’t surprising since it has a bell on it and generally if it comes off one of the kittens will start playing with it.

What’s really annoying is that one of the kitten’s collars has been missing for almost a month. When I first put it on him he started rolling around and pawing at it for about fifteen minutes. When I got up the next morning he had apparently not only gotten it off, but managed to hide it somewhere.

  1. What I’m havin’ for dinner tonight. I have a friend coming over. Normally I’d just eat rolled-up lunch meat and cheese or a chicken breast while standing at the kitchen counter, but a guest means I got to actually defrost and think.

  2. Making sure all of my coworker’s pencils are sharpened after I use 'em. We share a common workspace because we’re not always in the office at the same time. I like her and I don’t want to be an Office Pig, but I often forget to sharpen the pencils.

  3. Mailing my Halloween cards. I signed, addressed and stamped them like two weeks ago. Now I’m just hoping they don’t get buried under a pile of paperwork on the kitchen counter.

  4. Cleaning the toilet. I wasn’t at home in this apartment for much of this summer; the place hasn’t been cleaned since June. The toilet is getting a bit moldy. I guess if I have a party anytime soon I’ll have to clean it. Or if it gets any grosser. I do have limits.

I’m worried I’ll put too many big worries on this list.
I’m worried the nurse will scold me when I go in for my next appt, because I didn’t get the test done she told me to do last year. She gave me a form and everything. It’s in my briefcase.
I’m worried the little portable drive I left in my pocket got ruined in the laundry.
I’m worried my coworkers hate me.
I’m worried because I spent my last $20 at lunch, and now I have to go to the bank. I don’t know when I’ll get to do that.
I’m also worried because lunch was a not-very-good burrito that had cold spots, and probably gave me food poisoning.
I’m worried the great legion of dopers think I’m an idiot because I should have made this a bulleted list and said hi to Opal.