What living person has the highest ability scores

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considering D&D style statistics, what living person has the highest ability scores? Any world class athletes with multiple PhD’s etc.

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Gary Kasparov has been the strongest chess player in the World for at least a decade.
He can coach strong players in a foreign language (I’ve seen him do it!)
He is also the youngest-ever contributing editor to the Wall Street Journal.

Dolph Lungren is a MIT graduate… Biochemistry? Int 17+
An actor, Cha 17+
and a martial artist. Str, Con, Dex 17+

I dunno. Got a better one?

veeeeeery loose definition of actor. Universal Soldier? eeeew.

Minnesota Vikings offensive lineman Matt Birk is a Harvard grad, and Houston Texans defensive lineman Seth Payne is a Cornell grad.

If it weren’t for your “living” requirement, I’d go with Byron “Whizzer” White. NFL running back, Rhodes Scholar, commissioned naval officer, Yale educated lawyer, and Supreme Court justice. I don’t know what it would take to beat that combination, but I’d like to see it.


I’ll offer Paddy Ashdown politician and diplomat (High Chr) ex Special Boat Service (High Str, Dex, Con) Multi Lingual (High Int).


T.T. Boy. Because its the only stat that matters!

Sorry JThunder

Batman is not real, he is a made up comic book character.

Says you!

CB Fry was cut from the same cloth as Byron White, details here . The supreme court appointment probably gives your man the edge, but was he ever offered the throne of Albania? :slight_smile:

Special Forces operatives are usually college graduates, high intelligence test scores, and are as close to the peak of physical conditioning, survival and combat skills as humanly possible. How good they are at picking up wenches in taverns though, I couldn’t say.

How’s about MN Gov Jesse Ventura? Ex special forces, professional wrestler, actor, politician (independent no less). And ya know he could take Arnold if he wanted to.


:dubious: Not believe in Batman?! Why, you might just as well not believe in Superman.

He lives… as long as vengeance and mysterious masks and nifty gadgets live! :smiley:

But seriously, as long as we are allowing fictional characters into the discussion, the Golden Age “Mr. Terrific” – not to be confused with the '60’s TV show hero of the same name, who was more like the original Hourman – could easily have been even more talented than Bruce.

True Blue Jack

I don’t know about beating that combination, but there’s at least one more professional athlete, Rhodes Scholar, and political leader. Bill Bradley wasn’t a military officer, but he is still living (and won a few championships, too, unlike Mr. White).

For the womens selection might I add this Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist, PhD in Languages and career diplomat Cath Bishop

I’m sorry, but you’re not Johnny Thunder, he is also a fictional character. Right, Jeanie?
(That’s right, Master!)

Well maybe an honorable mention could go to Kris Kristofferson.

According to the IMDB, his achievements are:
Golden Gloves Boxer
Rhodes Scholar
Army Captain
Helicopter pilot
and you probably knew about his being a
actor ("Heaven’s Gate was not a wise choice)

that’s exactly who I was going to mention