What London building is this?

Here is a building in London that I do not remember. It is just north of St Pauls Cathedral on Newgate St. In fact, if you walk north out of Paternoster square past the Stock Exchange, it is across the street from you. Google earth labels the area next to it as Postmans Park, but I know that this is wrong as I have been in Postmans Park. It is nearby to the Northeast. As you can see in both my pic and Google earth, it is currently wrapped in scaffolding for some kind of repair work. And no, it is not the Crimson Permanent Assurance Building.

Any ideas?

It’s the bombed remains of Wren’s Christ Church Newgate.

Beaten to the punch. Here’s some more information about the street/area:



Jas09, thanks for that cool link. The author is right on the money about not being able to walk past Postmans Park. My friend and I were walking to the Museum of London on St Martins Le Grand and when we saw the little courtyard, we were compelled to enter and explore it.

Haha, I know that building well, my office building is the big two-tone one right behind it.

I was told that the tower itself is now owned by an investment banker.

Ah, more information.

Owned by a Goldman Sachs banker. She’s looking for about £4m for it, if you’re interested.

Seems a little steep for a “Unique Fixer-Upper.”