What made me feel so bad after eating?

Yesterday on my way home from school I had maybe 10 bucks and no cards on me (so I couldn’t get groceries) and nothing in the house so I gave in and got McDonalds for the first time in, say, 6-8 months. Big mistake, apparently. I had the fries and I got a terrible film in my mouth (I never understood what people meant by that until now), I felt a little bad, but I figured maybe I ate too fast. I took the burger and uuuugh. I felt like vomiting, and I did a little. This feeling continued until this morning when I woke up. I also felt kinda bad to day and had a massive anxiety attack for the first time in a while but I’m not sure it’s related.

You are not my doctor etc, I’m not worried or asking for advice here, I’m just curious about what happened, can sudden changes in diet provoke that kind of response? I also haven’t had MEAT for the past while (aside from one steak a few weeks ago), so is that it?

Not a doctor, but it sounds like you had too much fat in too short a time, and I have heard omnivorus friends who tend to stay vegetarian that when they will have teh occasional red meat it will upset their digestive system - one specifically thinks it is somehow the difference between the animal fats and veggie fats. Not that he is against meat, he just is very poor and tends to eat vegetarian because it is cheaper.

I have gone through mostly vegetarian phases [mainly dairy, eggs, occasional seafoods and a little chicken] and had farts from beef but it never made me ill. I will admit I hate McDonalds and Burgar King because there is just way too much fat and garbage in the food for this diabetic to manage.