What makes a good party flyer?

I’m having a double kegger at my apartment within the week, and desperately need to get the word out and for it to stay out. The flyers will be administered towards friends, friends of friends, coworkers, friends of coworkers, and really, just everyone I know that kicks ass. Now I originally set out to throw Alysonn Hannigan on something, slap the words “Double Kegger” on near the top, add the contact information, and put something witty* at the bottom. Now the reason this isn’t done yet is because:

  1. I can’t think of anything witty to put at the bottom


  1. Would a sexy picture of Alysonn Hannigan really attract the female population?

So I face a brick wall. What’s the best way to go about advertising this thing so that it’s appealing to everyone? Would women be more or less likely to go to a kegger if the flyers had a seductive looking woman on it or not? What makes a good ad for this kind of thing?

Also, no one here happens to have an idea for a witty one liner, would you?
*Last party we threw a friend of a roomate made the flyers and added “We may not go down in the history books, but we will go down on your sister!” at the bottom in a very fine, small print. This struck everyone that saw it as freaking awesome.

Um, what does Alyson Hannigan have to do with your party? Sounds kinda random.

Make sure you don’t quish up the print too much. Negative space is GOOD!

The same thing hot women in general have to do with beer in commercials. Nothing at all, but they’re nice to look at anyways.

And note taken. Thanks.

The best flyer I’ve seen was one for a housewarming party a friend threw in the early-'80s.

The background was a black-and-red photo of a burning building. White text proclaimed, ‘Mike ____ and Randy ____ present… THE HOUSEWARMING’

The rest of the text was in the style of moving poster with ‘Starring…’ and ‘SEE!..’ They used a colour copier (at like $1 per copy) to duplicate it. I still have my invitation around somewhere. Good party. I made a couple of friends there who I still see occasionally.