What makes a keyboard amp different from any other amp?

I’m looking for a small PA amp for a little league field and this one looks like the ticket, but it’s called a keyboard amp. It has microphone inputs, so should I be worried about being able to broadcast vocal announcements or music through this amp?

Your link is busted, but I found it anyway. Looks like it should work with no issues, but it has a lot of features that you’ll probably never use (it’s designed for Keyboardists / DJs).

Keyboard amps have a larger frequency range than guitar amps, and will be better for playing music. For this particular amp you’d be paying for features you don’t need though, and I think 90W might be low for a ball field.

I’m looking for something that the parents can hear, is portable, has good reviews, and had a reverb (I want that stadium effect). I’ve seen a few separate units with two speakers and a amp/mixer, but I’m trying to keep it simple. There’s a local Guitar Center so I can always give it a test run I suppose.

Maybe you could rent one and try it out?

A Fender Passport might be what you are looking for:

150 watts

300 watts

500 watts

That second one looks nice, now I just need a $500 coupon. This is just something simple for a few parents at a 6-8 little league game, seven times a year.

I-VI-ii-V may be psychic. When Isaw what the OP wanted, I immediately thought of those Fender units. Possibly a bit spendy, but they’re durable, convenient and do a quite decent job for a luggable all-in-one rig.