What makes a person weird?

I have been considered weird or strange by many people. But by many others, I am pretty normal.

So I ask, what makes a person weird or strange? How do we know if we should believe such an assessment? Should we even care?

People view someone/something as “weird” when it differs from their conditioned opinion of “normal”. One person’s “normal” is not necessarily the same as someone else’s.

In my opinion, anyone who thinks they know the definition of “normal” as applied to human tendencies is “weird”.

So no, you shouldn’t care.

Weird is very subjective. Type A people think type B people are weird, and vise versa. I think it comes down to this, if you are sitting with a friend (who’s there to agree with all your assessments), you point out that someone is weird, and your friend agrees, then yeah, that person is weird. Weird huh? :smiley:

It’s really the opinion of the group calling someone a weirdo. If a group of fundamentalists agree on something, and you don’t, you’re weird. If a group of athiests agree on something, and you don’t, you’re weird. The standard of weirdness will vary depending on the group of people you’re around.


Unless of course, you’re serial killer-weird, and that’s bad.

Who wants to be normal? Normal is boring.

I guess that didn’t answer the question, but I guess my answer is that weird is subjective. I mean, your friends probably don’t think you’re weird, and if they do, it’s probably in a good way. :smiley:

Yep. Consensus.

Yep…and since I don’t define myself by any group standards…I am definitely “weird”…or…a “freak”…as my user name implies.
God, I love me! :stuck_out_tongue:

And that last one just about says it all. :slight_smile:

That too. :slight_smile: