what melts flesh but not bone?

2 years ago, for artistic purposes, I acquired 2 pigs heads from a slaughterhouse. To clean them down to the skull I first boiled them and then cut the flesh off.To remove their brains I used a high power hose and a knife. Having to do this unpleasant experience again soon I wonder, Is there a readily available and fairly cheap acid or chemical that dissolves skin, flesh and internal organs but not bone? Alternative solutions would also be appreciated.


Unless you need the skull in a hurry, I would rely on the fact that the soft tissues are highly biodegradable. Let nature do the work for you.

I say again: Yech.

A few years ago I read a magazine article about a woman who specializes in roadkill art. After picking up the possum or whatever it was from the middle of the highway, she’d cart it over to a local cave and let the cave beetles pick it clean overnight. It just took one day for them to do their work, according to this article.

you could try maggots

I used to prepare skeletons as a hobby when I was a kid. The standard way according to the texts, and also the most effective, is to remove as much of the flesh as possible with a knife while fresh, then simmer the skull in a solution of washing soda for some hours. This should remove 99% of the flesh. Yes the brains are a bit of a problem and may require removal with a garden hose after the boiing has loosened them up.
The skull is then smeared all over with a paste made of bleach powder and water and left to sit for about a day before thorough rinsing.
Comes out snow white, odourless and quite clean.

Or you could try bugs

Washing soda (BTW) is made by Arm & Hammer and is found in the detergent aisle next to the other forgotten laundry products such as Fels-Naptha and bluing. After you’re done boiling pig heads, you can use the rest to make homemade laundry detergent that is cheap as hell. (I’m cheap, so sue me.)


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Simmer your skulls in Borax and water.

Didn’t they use lye in the olden days to clean cow skins of all flesh and fat before manufacturing it into leather?

Thought I read that somewhere…

My, what an interesting childhood you must of had.

I remember watching an episode of Autopsy on HBO (love that show). A medical examiner used a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide to remove tissue from a partial skeleton.

When I performed a search on google.com, I found this site. I hope it helps. If not, maybe you can call your local Medical Examiner’s office and ask what the ratio of water to peroxide should be.