What might happen?

i dont no much about law but what might happen if a scenario like this came about:
Woman 1 harasses Woman 2 with threats
Woman 2 sues Woman 1
Women 1 and 2 both have the same lawyers
what would happen there?

Lawyer would have to choose between the two. The non-chosen would select another.

Nope. The lawyer couldn’t represent either of them. It would be a conflict of interest, but I guarantee the lawyer would bow out anyway.

damn so then theyd havta get all new lawyers why wouldnt the lawyer represent just one?

The lawyer couldn’t represent one because of the danger of bias (he doesn’t want to annoy either woman, because he would lose a client, so how can he oppose her effectively?), and the possibility that he has knowledge about his would-be opponent due to the confidential relationship he has had with her. The upshot is that even if there is an appearance of impropriety, the lawyer should not represent a client. (FYI, in some cases clients can give informed waiver of the conflict, but in this case, I think the lawyer should RUN.)

Because it’s an ethical violation. As tcburnett indicated, it is known as “conflict of interest” and it interferes with the lawyer’s ability to provide a competent and zealous representation to either party when both parties are involved in a business relationship with him/her (i.e. a retainer, which I inferred from your OP).