What might this be (pic included)

This pulled up next to me at a light. It was on a (red!?) pallet on a flatbed. I couldn’t tell if the tubes/rods were hollow or not. The other end is essentially flat.


This is just a guess, but it looks like a heat exchanger for some kind of massive industrial process. It also kind of looks like the radiator outside my local hockey rink as part of the ice making equipment.

I hope someone comes along who knows for sure.

A second for heat exchanger tubing.

Yeah some kind of heat exchanger. It’s clearly copper and by it’s condition I’d guess it’s outlived it’s useful life and is on it’s way to a scrap yard.

So how would that work with the coils so close together? Would it have been submerged in a liquid?

Boiler tubes?

This looks pretty similar.
Google translate:

ETA: Wiki article on Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.

Sort of depends on the intent. It does seem to have a ton of compact surface area (which is what you want for transferring a ton of heat).
It seems to be designed for a very tight space like big pipe.

Think you nailed it.

Deffo a tube nest