What movie did you expect to suck, that didn't suck?

We always talk about movies that we’re horribly disappointed by. But have you ever seen a movie you went in thinking would be terrible, and then it wasn’t so terrible?

Bored in my hotel room the other night, I fired up “Blade Trinity,” the latest grossout Wesley Snipes film. I did this basically because I’d seen the other two and I like Wesley Snipes. I expected it to suck beyond all normal standards of suckitude. I mean, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds were in it, for Christ’s sake. And Blade 2 was an offense against God and man; combine Blade 2 with Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds and your eyeballs might explode. Since I had also ordered room service, I was actually rehearsing my excuse to the room service waiter.

But actually, it wasn’t all that bad. Oh, it wasn’t great. The villian was boring, and some of the acting was horrendous. Parker Posey was just appalling. But most of it was a pretty good popcorn flick. Biel and Reynolds were stunningly non-awful. Wesley Snipes was in fine form. Some good fights, some good gags, some good stunts, some good effects. It was perfectly watchable fare.

What movies have you seen that were tolerable when you expected them to be ghastly?

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

I thought it was going to be the dumbest movie ever when I saw the initial ads for it last summer but I was in the mood for a comedy a few days ago and put it at the top of my Netflix queue since most of my friends had seen and enjoyed it and I surprised myself by liking it just as much.

I’ll get flamed for this I’m sure.

AvP - not nearly as horrific as I thought it would be. Certainly better than Alien Resurrection.

On a similar note, Dude, where’s my car. I though they were going for stupid, and instead they went for weird, which was enough of a suprise that it upped my enjoyment of the movie.

I,Robot. I expected it to be incredibly stupid, and it turned out to be only moderately stupid, and somewhat enjoyable on a sci-fi action movie level. (And as long as you ignored the fact that it had almost nothing to do with Asimov.)

Executive Decision. A pleasant surprise.

And I know I’m going to lose some respect for this one, but I liked I, Robot. I knew I shouldn’t - it was a complete raping of Asimov, it had Will Smith in full-on smarmy wise-cracking mode, some of the CGI was painful to watch, the product placement hits you like a mackerel upside the head, but I gotta admit the truth - I enjoyed it.

Zoolander. I had to be talked into watching it by friends. It looked like such a stupid movie. And it was; it was just a good stupid movie.

**Kill Bill. ** I first saw the trailers and thought it looked like a mindless action flick. I evetnually saw it and immediatly loved it.

AVP. It wasn’t a great movie, hell, it wasn’t even a good movie, but at least kept my interest(which was more then I could say for the play I saw the same evening. I wonder if I would have liked it less if I didn’t have the comparison). I expected it to totally suck and got a decent sci-fi monster movie.

Tremors. A couple of my buddies saw it and couldn’t stop talking about it. I just figured that it had totally sucked and they were just giving me shit because I hadn’t wanted to go see it. Anyways, I finally watched it (maybe a year later) and they were right…it is a f’ing great flick.

Constantine. I was expecting it to be a horrible train-wreck, especially with all the liberties the filmmakers took with the character, the familiar star of the comic book Hellblazer. But until the last half-hour, where I feel like it lost focus and derailed, it was a GOOD occult-noir movie. Keanu Reeves wasn’t the John Constantine I know and like, but he was trying his absolute best. It did not suck, and I rather enjoyed it overall.

Super Troopers. I expected it to suck and it didn’t.

Then a few years later the same guys made Club Dread, which I didn’t expect to suck but did.

Wayne’s World.

This afternoon I saw Cursed. It was for my horror film class. I had the choice of either writing a paper on Cursed or Constantine, and I didn’t want to fund the Keep Keanu Employed fund, not to mention that it looked painfully :rolleyes:. I still wasn’t looking forward to Cursed, though, and almost ducked out at the last minute (I was going by myself). All the reviews I’ve seen have been pretty negative, and I saw on Ebert and Roeper that critics weren’t given a screening copy, which is usually not a good sign. I was truly surprised at how much I loved it. It wasn’t as good as An American Werewolf in London, it wasn’t scary, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half. Then again, I tend to have a higher tolerance for “bad” horror movies than good action movies, so YMMV.

Erm, make that “how much I liked it.” It was good but it wasn’t that good.

About Schmidt.

Seemed shitty at first glance, and I had never seen Nicholson before. Turned out to be among the best films I’ve first seen in a movie theater, probably second best after Fellowship of the Ring.

Pirates of the Caribbean. I expected major suckitude. And every scene without Johnny Depp in it was mediocre at best. But Depp made that movie worthwhile for me!

I have yet to find someone who doesn’t feel that way about that movie.

I read somewhere (Onion?) that it may be the best movie ever not screened for critics, and yes, that was intended to be faint praise.

Depp may have been the best part of PotC but the movie was not otherwise unwatchable. Geoffrey Rush did a great job and I’d be willing to watch Keira Knightley just stand there and breath (but the restraining order prohibits that).

There are several here I’d second, but instead I’ll add:


Princess Caraboo

Noises Off