What movie is this? (Very little info to go on, may be impossible)

I am almost too embarrassed to post this because I worry that people will think I’m an idiot for even wondering if this movie can be identified on the basis of so little information, let alone for actually putting it out there for people to try. Well, almost too embarrassed . . .

I am trying to remember a movie I saw within the last five years. I think.

Basically, all I can remember are snippets from the last scene (or very, very close to it). The scene involves the main character of the film, an artist of some sort (?painter ?writer ?poet ?musician) who, having been knocked down a rung or two in life, goes to an English Pub (he is American, by the way). He had gone there ‘to get away from it all’. He’s basically broke, or, at least for the first time in many, many years will actually have to worry about money.

At the pub, he soon meets a young woman, clearly younger than he, who appears drunk. He drinks with her. Especially in comparison to his lovers from earlier in the movie, she is not terribly attractive and of a ‘lower’ class. They either sing together or write poetry together, I can’t recall. Despite what he might have guessed at first laying eyes on her, he enjoys her company and is having a good time. Then, within hours of meeting, they sleep together in her room at the pub (I guess she’s lodging there, or maybe she works there). Even before they go under the covers, it’s clear that they both appear very happy to have met. The End. (I think).

Told you there wasn’t much to go on.

It’s really bothering me - I recall the scene pretty clearly but not one other bit of the movie. When I try to remember more, I start to feel as if it might have even been a dream I had. But it wasn’t. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness flick. That, I’m sure of.

Any ideas?


Citizen Kane?

Nope. That’s one that even I would remember. Thanks, though.

It sounds somewhat like Once.

I don’t recall them sleeping together in Once.

Alas, no. Thank you for trying.

Do you remember anything about the actors? Well-known?

The girl he meets at the end is definitely not a name star. OTOH, the male protagonist is, or at least I seem to remember he was.

I also seem to remember that he (the main guy) had to be urged on by a friend to even speak to the girl. His initial inclination had been to ignore her (and everything/everyone else) and just sit there and wallow.


Inside Llewyn Davis?

Certain aspects remind me of the novel Of Human Bondage, though it doesn’t end quite that way, and afaik the most recent movie was 1964.


Are the two characters white?

Lust For Life? Van Gogh meets a laundress/prostitute at a bar and they start a relationship so that she can stop turning tricks.

Appreciate all your efforts. But, no dice.

Both characters are white. The young woman was actually a bit on the heavier side IIRC - definitely was not supposed to appear as glamorous which, as I said, is in contrast to his earlier flames.



Great suggestion, but that’s not it (the movie I’m thinking of is definitely more recent than 1987 and, for sure, the bar scene at the end takes place in an English pub).

Thank you!

The Master has a similar scene at the end, where the protagonist meets a woman in a pub and sleeps with her in (almost) the final scene. Maybe?

BINGO!! Thank you!

I’m sure that’s it.

And now, I am even more embarrassed - how many details did I get wrong? Was it in an English pub as I was so sure it was? Don’t think so. What ‘better class’ and ‘better looking’ women did he have earlier? None, really (although he did have a bunch of flings earlier). And yet, despite my totally screwed up description, you still got it for me. Thank you, thank you!

ETA: And what an “artist” he was! Not.

ETA: Just checked. At least I was right about the English pub

Memory is a funny thing. You had enough of the details right to make the connection for me.

Great movie, too.

Dang. That took just 21 hours, 6 minutes.

I love the SDMB!