What movie(s) do you wish you had your time back for having seen?

Any Given Sunday

Strange Days - I can’t even remember why I hated this one, but I know I did…

The Original Kings of Comedy - I hate stand-up comedians, why did I rent a movie about them??

Kingdom of Heaven

Hated, hated, hated all of these.

I fell asleep in the theater during Backdraft.

I would therefore propose that you got some of your time back. :smiley:

Anchorman - The Legend of Ron Burgundy. What a stinkeroo.

Dances with Eternity, oh wait I meant Dances with Wolves. It went on and on and on. blech

I’ll second that, and add The New World.

There is only one movie I disliked so much that I considered it a waste of my time. The Piano. I cannot express how much I hated that film. I am a fan of Sam Neill, but even he could not save this movie for me.

Not to say this is the only movie I have ever disliked. It’s just that I don’t usually consider any movie a waste of my time.

Yeah, I forgot about Eraserhead. If there was ever a WTF movie, that was it.

I need all of it back!

My time! My precious!

Also, Miami Vice and Alexander.

I don’t neccessarily mind Colin Farrell, but in the last couple of years its his movies that are responsible for the I.Q. points dribbling out of my ears.


I could only stand the first 30 minutes or so of Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, but I wish I could get those 30 minutes back so I could have more fun with them sorting out my sock drawer or getting my teeth cleaned.

Contact. Idiotic execution of a wonderful premise, and at least an hour too long. Also, has dialogue that includes phrases like “profoundly impactful.”

As usual in threads of this sort, I feel a bit embarrassed because I enjoyed most of the movies that people mention.

I do wish I could retrieve the time that I spent watching Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.

I’m like Hogwash, I don’t walk out of films no matter how bad. I don’t turn off dvd’s I rented, no matter how bad and although I may not like some films I usually don’t say “oh my god! that was horrible, I want those hours back!” … except for Alexander. The prettiness of Colin Ferrell and Jared Leto was not enough to help that stinker. The naked boobies scene was not enough for my boyfriend to like it either. We both had the same opinion about wanting our time back.

There was one dvd movie I did walk away from that my boyfriend brought over It was called Winter’s Passing. I watched for a little bit despite being bored. I just can’t stand characters that are that kind of angsty and it got worse until I just couldn’t stand to watch this person’s “story” anymore. I saw no way that character could ever be redeemed to my eyes. There was a certain scene where I finally got up and walked away from the movie. I think it was unnecessary and it took me out of the film, I was done with it. My boyfriend watched the rest of it but he fell asleep near the end and he said it didn’t get any better. I defintely wanted the time I wasted on that movie back and the memory of it erased from my mind.

I agree on both counts here.

Can you name a movie more boring than The Russia House? Betcha can’t.

There are only four movies I have ever walked out on after watching about 30 minutes of each: Dune, Dick Tracy, The Big Lebowski, and the Charlies’ Angels remake. The first two were just too boring, the third was too crude, and the last too much of a travesty of the original TV show.

Lucky # Slevin. Utter dreck.

Under the Sand. Bury me. Under the sand. Now.

Third for Alexander. I cannot remember any part of that movie I enjoyed. Thank God my parents were paying for the tickets, otherwise I’d be out 7 dollars AND 3 hours of my life.