What movie star helped capture a spy ring? [new title]

What famous television and movie star was responsible for capturing a WWII spy ring?

Perhaps you are referring to Lucille Ball. She supposedly picked up radio transmissions through her dental work.

Snopes says it’s undetermined

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Possibly this is an oblique reference to Hedy Lamarr (sp?), who is coinventor on a U. S. patent for a method of transmitting and receiving radio messages while foiling espionage attempts. The method involves jumping around to different frequencies, and is a precursor to many modern frequency switching schemes in radio. I don’t know if her method helped capture a spy ring specifically.

I don’t think Hedy Lamarr’s invention cracked any spy rings. From what I remember of a Scientific American Ariticle about it (April 1998), the War Department (was it the Defense Department by then?) decided that while the theory of her idea was sound, it wasn’t practical with the current technology. As a result, frequency hopping wasn’t put into practice until after the war.

What on earth is Hedy Lamarr’s background that she coinvented that??

She was evidently pretty smart to begin with, and picked up a lot about weapons and wartime communication problems through her first husband, who ran a German munitions company. She discussed the matter with George Antheil, a composer who specialized in “experimental” music and together they came up with the idea.

couple of websites:

Do a search on Google using the terms “Hedy Lamarr” and “spread spectrum” and you’ll find a bunch of websites about this subject, including the two that Sublight mentions.

Mel Brooks:


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Mel Brooks:


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