What movies are you watching?

Recently I’ve seen:

Fools Gold. I liked it. Well, at least I didn’t hate it. It was an easy-enough watch and all I really want my rentals for is to help me through my workout.

Slippery Slope. A comedy about a feminist who takes on a job direction a porn to pay for her feminist movie to go to cannes. BORING. Predictable, slow. Yes, a few nice shots of naked women (which never hurts a movie) but it did not do its job of helping me get through my work out.

Definitely, Maybe. A romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynalds, Elizabeth Banks, Isla Fischer and Rachel Weisz. I enjoyed it, but then I’m a sucker for RomComs. I was only a little surprised by the ending.

Rambo 2008. Fast paced, predictable action movie. I won’t say I disliked it, but I’m hard-pressed to say I enjoyed it. I was much younger when the others came out and I’m sure that helped me enjoy them more. Still, as I have said, it helped me through the workouts.

The Forbidden Kingdom - Just started it. So far I’m enjoying it. I missed it in the theaters. I think I was in the hospital or recovering when it came out. It will do a fine job helping me finish my work outs.

At the cinema:
Eagle Eye**. Mediocre action flick. Major plot flaws for those who pay attention to such things. My real commentary would be a spoiler, so I will leave that out for now.

Ghost Town: As mentioned upthread, I’m a sucker for RomComs and this was one. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that I didn’t think Gervais could pull of the lead, but he did OK. I give it a C+, maybe even a B-, which is to say that I liked it well enough.

I loved Eagle Eye and Burn after Reading.

Last movie I saw in the theater was Tropic Thunder.

I watched most of Monty Python’s Meaning of Life last night before I drifted off. Before that it was either Battlestar Galactica: Razor or The Breakfast Club, depending on how you define “movie.” :slight_smile:

Today I watched *A Time for Burning, Titicut Follies, Iron Man, Grey Gardens, *and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Coming up next: probly something Japanese.

Which Grey Gardens? The doc from the 70’s or the recent dramatization? Or the filmed version of the Musical?

What did you think and had you seen it before?
I just restarted my netflix subsciption after not being able to afford the luxury for a few years. I have been renting old favorites looking to walk down memory lane. So I just watched Philidelphia Story and Rope! (I was in a Jimmy Stewart mood). Philidelphia Story was every bit as good as the last 500 times I watched it, Rope! on the other hand was a tad dissapointing. I hadn’t seen it in years, and it lacked the punch I remember it having when I was a kid.

White Noise 2. Rented this just to see Nathan Fillion. It wasn’t good, but I’ve seen worse, and I appreciated the filmmakers’ restraint when it came to gore, because I was expecting to cringe through it.

Charlie Wilson’s War. I liked it, even though I don’t like politics.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. A 2007 documentary about the rivalry between two Donkey Kong champions. It was interesting (apparently you can’t actually finish Donkey Kong - the best you can do is reach a “kill-screen” where the game crashes) but the editing didn’t seem quite trustworthy, like the filmmakers were making fun of them while pretending not to.

To the Ends of the Earth - a Masterpiece Theater series from 2005, about a long sea voyage from England to Australia in 1812. It was surreal in spots, but people who are fond of period sea-going adventures would probably like it, especially for the realism of the constant and dramatic motion of the ship.

Only the 70s doc is available on disc I think.

Seen it before, always disturbingly entertaining.

After that, I watched Brute Force, and now watching Okie Noodling.

This past weekend, I watched (in order of how much I liked them):

Vertigo It was on my list of movies to see for quite a while, and I’m glad I finally got around to watching it. I really liked it, and I thought it was near perfect. (9 out of 10)

The Curse of the Golden Flower Also good, if a little slow to get going. The scenery was absolutely amazing and there were some good battles near the end. (8/10)

The Maltese Falcon First time I’ve watched it all the way through. I didn’t love it, but I liked it. (7/10)

The Forbidden Kingdom Not what I expected, but it was okay. The trailers I saw never even mentioned a white kid from Boston going back to Ancient China. Weird how they left out the central character. But, for what it was, I liked it. Decent fight scenes. The overblown score got on my nerves. (7/10)

Notorious A little slow, but pretty good. Claude Raines was the best thing about the movie. (6/10)

Space Camp Cheezy 1980’s movie. I had it on tape as a kid, but always found it boring back then. Watching as an adult, I liked it pretty well. Jinx was cool. Oh, and Kelly Preston was incredibly hot. (6/10)

WargamesAnother 80’s movie that I saw as a kid, but never appreciated. It was fairly good. Ally Sheedy looked cute. (6/10)

Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs Worse than Bender’s Big Score. A few funny moments, but overall not good. I liked the “lost episode” from the video game better. (4/10)

The Golden Compass Boy did that suck. I wish that had been a library rental, but alas, I paid for it. Worst movie I’ve seen since Ultraviolet. I actually fast-forwarded through most of the last half hour.(3/10)

At TIFF I saw:

Burn After Reading - middle of the pack Coen movie, not a bad place to be though

Good - stars Viggo Mortensen and is NOT a very good movie. It’s about WWII era germany

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist - cute and got a good response from the crowd. Not great though.

Lymelife - stars Rory and Kieren Culkin and Alec Baldwin. Coming of age movie focusing on two suburban families. Pretty good movie.

The Wrestler - fantastic new Darren Aronofsky movie

Religulous - funny movie should play well with a large percentage of this board

Martyrs - french horror movie. I hate horror movies in general but this one is friggin deep and REALLY disturbing. I highly recommend it.

Flash of Genius - Kinnear’s pretty good, feel good movie, you get the idea
Pride and Glory - terrible

Sugar - by the director of Half Nelson. The story of a Domincan baseball player who makes his way through the farm system in the United States. It’s a terrific movie and you don’t really need to like baseball.

Gigantic - stars Paul Dano and Zooey Deschanel. It’s about a mattress salesmen trying to adopt a child. I haven’t made up my mind on this one.

Ghost Town. I really liked it and would give it a solid B+ if not an A. You have to appreciate dry British humor.

Huh. Looks like I’ve only seen four new movies this month.

The Bourne Supremacy. Meh. Not bad.
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre II. Haven’t seen the original, never been into the genre, only watched this one because I read Men, Women and Chainsaws which made it seem a whole lot more interesting than it was. Crap.
The Wonderland Murders. Decent.
Alfie (the Jude Law one). Great film. I have no idea why reviews were bad or why Jude Law said he regretted doing the film. It was well-acted, emotionally moving, genuinely touching. I loved it.

Finished The Forbidden Kingdom and enjoyed it. It was a fun, fast-paced -if somewhat predictable - action/fantasy.

Can’t decide on **Igor **or **An American Carol **for my saturday afternoon flick. I don’t normally enjoy David Zucker movies, but An American Carol looks like it has some potential.

At home I have P.S. I love you and Enchanted. I will pick one at random for working out.

Where and how did you watch/get Titicut Follies? I haven’t seen any sign of that since it was on UNCTV 25 or more years ago. It was banned in Boston & Mass. for decades. Is a hard copy available?

Besides the typical fare on TCM and FMC I watched *Hell in the Pacific * (1968)with (only) Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune instead of watching Mooselini and McDelaware.

Bubba HoTep: it was okay.
Atomic Cafe: Excellent.
Little Miss Sunshine: Finally bought a copy. Hilarious.

Werckmeister Harmonies. A truly beautiful, uncompromising Hungarian film. I cannot believe that I haven’t heard of Bela Tarr before - if the rest of his work is as great as this, I’m in for a treat.
The King of Kong. In spite of (or perhaps because of) its rather blatant manipulation of the audience a great little documentary. Very well executed.

Ended up watching Igor. Mediocre. IMO it should have been a Halloween special and chopped down to fit inside a TV hour.

Today, I watched Taxi Driver and To Catch A Thief. Both were really good. I plan on watching The Godfather parts 1 and 2 tomorrow if the video store has them in stock. Can you believe I’ve never seen them?

Good choice. I saw An American Carol and while I’m not asking for my admission and time back, it’s got a right-wing political slant that’s pretty unsubtle. It is an entertaining movie if you can get past that, though.


Just finished P.S. I love you.

It was cheesy and shmaltz and being the big old sap that I am, I enjoyed it. (But then, I’ve already confessed to liking romantic comedies.)

I finally got around to watching Redbelt and Foot Fist Way, although I fell asleep before the end of Foot Fist Way and never got to the end of it. Two very different treatments of the same subject matter, each pretty accurate in their own ways.