What movies do you think are misnamed?

I’m watching The Storm of the Century on ABC. Granted the storm was big but it is not the gist of the movie. The main part is the demon or whatever it is. Yet from the title you wouldn’t even know it was a horror flic from Stephen King.

Any other movies you think are mistitled?

The Long Kiss Goodnight

my big fat greek chickflick
how to lose a chickflick in 10 days
maid in chickflick
you’ve got chickflick
sweet chickflick alabama
the chickflick planner
pretty chickflick

wild wild west: should have been “wild wild hunk of crap”

oh, and: The breakfast club - they never seemed to explain why they came up with that name for themselves in the essay.

The Neverending Story.

(Someone had to say it!)

No, not Never Ending Story… Never Ending Story Part Two!

After all, if the first one never ended…

Everyone always says Neverending Story. And they’re always wrong. If there hadn’t been a sequel, guess what? THE STORY WOULD HAVE ENDED! What they really needed to do was make an infinite number of sequels, so the story never stops. However, considering the second one (and, from what I’ve heard, the even-worse third one), it’s best that they didn’t.

Why not “Wild wild chickflick” and “The chickflick club”?

Best of the Best wasn’t. The Greatest Story Ever Told wasn’t either.

And of course, Krakatoa, East of Java, for obvious reasons.

Gigli should have been Dummi. :wink:

The movie about a cop and a waitress winning the lottery had an excellent title, taken from a real New York Post headline: Cop Gives Waitress $2 Million Tip.

But some pinhead at the studio had to change it to It Could Happen to You.

The only case where I came out of a movie saying, “That was a great film. Somebody should have picked a better name” was Chungking Express:


I would have called it California Dreaming, even though that would have only applied to the last half of the film.

JuanitaTech—Oh, that is just weird…that’s the first move that came to mind when I saw the OP…

The Banger Sisters

A sequel isn’t a continuation of the same story, Miller. It’s a new story. The only way “Neverending Story” would have been an accurate tale would be if the movie never ended. “Neverending Story” was a whole new movie, whole new story, whole new characters.

For a recent example, I thought American Wedding was a very poor title for a second sequel to American Pie. It sounds like a generic chick flick. They could have come up with something better.

Also, 28 Days Later sounds like the sequel to 28 days.

The Naked Lunch

godzillatemple, you took mine! G

So I will offer instead A CLOCKWORK ORANGE- no clocks, no oranges!

Yeah yeah, I know… L

:dubious: Look, you’re obviously new to the whole renaming movie business, maybe you should keep your day job.:wink:

Of course, Eight Legged Freaks is missing the all important hyphen.
It should have been named Eight-Legged Freaks.

It’s not about 8 freaks who have legs, it’s about an indeterminate number of freaks who each have 8 legs.

(My wife is a school teacher. She cares about this stuff).

Eight Legged Freaks should have been “Two-Legged Freaks”, as is the people who paid money to see it.