What music acts should I see at SXSW?

I’m a programmer for a film festival so will be flying to Austin to attend SXSW in a few weeks to check out the host of US indies that will be playing there.

But my pass also gets me into any and all music shows, and while I love a good concert, I know very little about modern music so have no clue about the performance lineup they’ve scheduled. Still, there are very few music types/genres I don’t enjoy and am always eager to experience something new, so I defer to the music-savvy Dopers out there for any help you’d be willing to provide.

Here’s a list of everyone performing: SXSW 2018 Schedule

Any recommendations? Any Can’t-Miss or Must-See acts?

Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Jesus! There’s dozens and I’m just in the A’s. Albert Hammond Jr is from the Stokes and a solid songwriter. …and you will know us by the trail of dead has been around for a while.

Alice Phoebe Lou - young singer-songwriter type

Todd Rundgren - old singer-songwriter type

Cut Chemist. Or, completely in the opposite direction, Ida Mae, Marlon Williams cos’ he’s a local boy and his voice is beautiful. And I’m only up to the M’s.

Hey, The Wedding Present are still around. Go see them.

More Marlon Williams. He’s great live, too. Also the video is bloody funny.

Awesome! Thanks everyone so far. I’m making a list…

I had a chance to go thru the list a little better:

Wo Fat is a stoner metal band. More like Orange Goblin or Unida than Kyuss or Electric Wizard eh.

Victim Mentality is a metal band from South Korea; if you like 80s metal you’ll prolly like these guys even if you don’t speak Korean.

Dwarves invented rock & roll ffs ;); they’re always worth seeing live.

If I was there I would make sure not to miss Luna Lee.

Andrew W.K. makes super hard-rockin’ party music that is somehow simultaneously sincere and tongue-in-cheek.

Caddywhompus play melodic indie/college rock

Dressy Bessy make catchy twee pop. If you’ve ever seen But I’m a Cheerleader, they’re all over the soundtrack.

La Luz: haunted surf rock.

Lucy Dacus: indie singer/songwriter with a dreamy voice.

Metz: pinky noise rock

Mozes and the Firstborn: retro rockin’

Japandroids are worth catching too, a powerful indie duo steeped in Husker Du. Saw them live last year and they bring it.

And A Place To Bury Strangers sound like early Jesus and Mary Chain by way of My Bloody Valentine with Lol Tolhurst bass. These are all good things.

Lee Fields sings with enough soul to give you the cold sweats.

I detested SXSW when I lived in Austin—the traffic, being inundated with even more asshole Californians than normally exist there, the costs, the inability to get a reservation anywhere during its interminable life—and I am seriously considering driving into Austin during this so that I can listen to Cedric Burnside play the blues.

Others I thought might be interesting: Ian Moore is local, and can play the guitar a little. I like Varsity, but I’m a sucker for that jangly, female-lead ethereal pop sound. You’ve probably heard of at least this hit from Fastball.

Both Jesse Dayton and Kelly Willis are classic, Texas alt-country stars and have been playing in and around Austin for a long time. But not as long as Ray Wylie Hubbard. " Snake Farm. Ughhhh!"

And you’ve also probably heard of Curtis McMurtry’s dad, James, and granddad Larry, of Lonesome Dove fame. Not as folky or as Guthrie-esque as Pop, but still interesting.

Edit: Oops, meant to add Buxton. Houston band that sounds alternately like The Beach Boys and Badfinger-lite, depending on the song.

That’s just who jumped out at me; there’s probably a lot more worth your time.


Oooh I didn’t see that Lee Fields was gonna be there; he’s a must-see IMO. Cite.

Amen to all of this (except Simon played bass. Lol was drums and keyboards)

Night Beats: garage psych

Nox Boys: garage punk

Samantha Glass: hypnotic, weirdo electronics

Speedy Ortiz: 90s style alt rock

Shopping: post punk

U.S. Girls: pop deconstructivism (see also her eerie, discordant cover of The Boy Is Mine)

White Mystery: Flaming hot garage rock

Wye Oak: noisy dream pop