What music should be on the Dark Tower soundtrack?

Inspired by this thread, and also catatonic boredom.

For those of you who know and love the Dark Tower series by Stephen King – what songs would you put on the sountrack to a hypothetical film version of this series (or a single book in it)?

For me, every time I listen to Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, I think of Roland. It’s not a perfect fit, but it’s fitting nonetheless.

Should you not at least change the lyrics to

Wrecked Right Hand

I like the Red Right Hand reference, but are you also including instrumental music in your OP?

If so, I’d like to throw in my vote for Rick Wakeman (“The Six Wives of Henry VIII” among others) and/or Tangerine Dream (“Legend”, “Sorcerer”, etc.)



Oh good, responses! :slight_smile:

Yes, instrumental choices are most welcome.

Definitely selections from Earth in the style of Hex: or Printing in the Infernal Method.