What must-have gadgets do you not have/not want?

We don’t have a microwave.

We did have a microwave, but it got old and unreliable and we eventually threw it out. We decided we’d buy another when we felt the need. That was several months ago.

My parents have recently come to stay with us and were very surprised that there was no microwave.

What must-have gadgets do you not have?

I don’t know if it qualifies as a “must-have”, but everyone else I know seems to have one - an iPod.

I just don’t see the need. I listen to the radio in the car and have a few CDs at home that I occasionally listen to while I’m cleaning house, but otherwise why would I need a portable music player?

The first reply, and it’s exactly my answer! The only time it would be useful is long train/plane journeys, but my portable CD player still works and I’m so cheap I’ll continue to put up with the minor hassle of carrying CDs around rather than forking out for an ipod.

Also, an up-to-date mobile phone - mine is well over 5 years old, black and white pixel screen, but still works fine, thanks!

Also, a laptop - I have a computer at work and at home, I don’t really need to spend any more time on one.

An electric can opener. My parents gave us one. It is on the shelf. I’m sure I’ll use it one day when I get arthritis.

Dishwasher. We just don’t have the space for one, and I’m not sure it’s something I could be bothered with if we did have the space.

I hardly think an electric can-opener counts as a “must-have”. I don’t think I know anyone that owns one. Or at least who uses one.

I don’t have a car - although I live with my fiancée, who does have one, so that doesn’t really count even if you do accept that a car is a “gadget”. :slight_smile:

I don’t have, and have never felt the need to have, a BlackBerry or any other kind of personal organiser. Hell, I don’t even have a diary.

I don’t have an iPod, but I do have an Archos MP3 player. I always kind of forget I have it, though, and rarely take it with me. :smack: I also have a fancy Bose iPod speaker dock, which my fiancée’s parents gave us for Christmas. She had asked for it, but hadn’t realised that it would only work with actual Apple iPods. She has a Samsung MP3 player, I have the Archos. Still, I will buy an iPod very soon. In the meantime, the speakers are gathering dust.

I had kind of assumed you’d be able to buy some sort of adapter to use non-iPod players with the speakers, but unless anyone knows different, it seems you can’t.

I also don’t have a microwave, or an iPod, or a mobile phone, or a third generation games console, or an HDTV, or a car.

I don’t own a computor.

I don’t own an iPod

I lived 47 years without a dishwasher, bought my house last year, it has one but I haven’t used it yet!

I have no cable or antenna for my TV, I only watch movies on DVD.

I’m happy.

I don’t have a toaster. Every couple of months or so I feel like having some toast, but never enough to actually go out and buy a toaster.

Now that’s something I couldn’t imagine doing without, because I have toast every morning! What do you usually have for breakfast?

I’d starve! 80% of my work is done on the computer, and I’m self employed. I actually have 2: one in my home office and one in my “office” office in town.

I don’t have an Ipod or portable CD player. I don’t listen to music much.

I don’t have a Blackberry or other PDA. Many professionals here have one, but I don’t have the need, I reckon.

I don’t have an iPod/MP3 player because I work 50 hours a week, and if I’m not at work (where, ironically, I sell iPods and MP3 players to people) then I’m in my car (MP3 CD player) or at home (on the computer, which can obviously play MP3s).

Nor do we have Austar or Foxtel at home; again, we’re either at work, driving, or at home on the computer/reading a book/watching DVDs. It would be a waste of money, in other words.

I haven’t got XM/Sirius Satellite Radio because it’s not available in Australia.

Funnily enough, we don’t have any Consoles in the house either- I’m a hardcore PC Gamer and my wife is quite happy to play The Sims on her laptop. And despite being a Hardcore PC Gamer, I don’t play World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG.

I have a stereo that has not had the speakers connected in probably 5 years. I only got one originally (many, many years ago) because my older brother thought I was odd for not owning one. I own practically every high-tech gadget that exists, but for some reason a stereo does nothing for me.

I’m gadgeted up; what I don’t mess with is must-have functions. I don’t txt, I don’t IM, I don’t even game.

I’ll see your can opener and raise you an electric carving knife.*

*brand new, still in the box

Like a lot of other posters, an iPod. I have Netflix and we have cable in our house, but I just think the cable bill is outrageous and don’t see the need for it. CDs for music and DVDs for movies, that’s my motto.

With you on those ones, no pay TV, satellite anything or consoles. I’ve seen pay TV, we have it at work, so I know what I’m not missing in the least. :wink:

I suggested to the boss that we get Pay TV installed at the store to “Demonstrate the TVs to customers”, but unfortunately he saw right through it and said that it would be perpetually tuned to either “The Hitler Channel” or “The Channel With The Cartoons That Would Offend Someone And Get Us All Fired”, and, more importantly, none of us would ever do any work as a result.

He’s right, too. Dammit. :wink:

Usually some fruit or museli. Now that the weather is cooling down I find myself wanting toast more frequently, but I’m getting married in a couple of months and enough people have asked what I want that I should probably hold off on the purchase. Same reason I haven’t replaced my baking tray which was once light silver and is now a kind of blackish copper colour. :frowning:

You can always do like I do…put it in the broiler, forget about it, and try two more times to get a nice golden brown piece of toast. It takes a half a loaf of bread to perfect it, but hey…it’s TOAST! :stuck_out_tongue: