What muthahs would you like to see up in here?

I’m going to do a Mother’s Day bulletin board for a medium sized public library displaying famous and-or historically significant and-or striking images of mothers. I also want to have some images of the mothers of famous people.

What are some of your favorite images of mothers?
Are there any famous people whose non-famous mothers you find particularly interesting?

Because of size limitations I don’t want to do mothers of the infamous or infamous mothers- so, no Mama Hitler or Joan Crawford, though I might include George Washington’s lookalike mother Mary Ball even though their relationship was famously strained, though I’d rather concentrate on the more positive.

Images I know I’m going to use include:

Nefertiti and her daughters- an oddly sweet domestic scene for a monument

Stanley Dunham and Barack Obama (or possibly this one or this one [which includes her mother] instead)

Rosa Parks and her mother (since this is Montgomery and her mom was an interesting person in her own right)

Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother because it’s so iconic


Queen Victoria and brood

Van Eyck’s http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/33/Van_Eyck_-_Arnolfini_Portrait.jpg

Sarah Bush Lincoln (who Lincoln called “mother”) as a salute to stepmothers and other women who mothered children they did not give birth to

And others.

Any suggestions for images to add? I’m looking for interesting AND-OR iconic AND-OR just visually appealing.
Since this is a non-profit organization and no money’s being raised by said board I’m thinking that fair use covers anything printed out.

Thanks for any suggestions.


After all, he’s one bad muthah…

Shut your mouth!

But I’m talkin’ about Shaft.

One famous mother and child to consider.

Kate Middleton and Prince George. A mother and son recently in the news

A good picture of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, mother and daughter who are both celebrities.

Elvis and his mother. Admittedly she doesn’t look very happy here.

Marie Curie and her daughters, one of who would go on to win the Nobel Prize like her mother.

A Picasso take on the subject.

A more traditional painting by Frederick Warren Freer.

Then we can dig it!

Whistler’s mother?

Or for an interspecies point of view, a dog nursing tiger cubs, seen here.

Mary Cassat was famous for her paintings of mothers and their children. Thismay be the most famous one.

I had a post with some links and I must have fat fingered it :mad: Anyway, Mother Teresa would be appropriate, even though she’s not that kind of mother. For some humor and pop reference you could include Florence Henderson as Mrs. Brady. Mama animals with their babies are always cute; I think mother ducks with their ducklings in tow are especially representative of a mother’s love.

The famous “Migrant Mother” photo from the Depression?

Jackie with Caroline and John John

Jen and Jill Selter?

(If only because my actual first thought, Lemminkäinen’s Mother, might be a touch too gruesome, even if it’s a much more striking sentiment.)

Or you could always go with the Cameron option.

Of course! Thanks!

Coincidentally I just took some pics at the park by my house last night of what I think is a duck relative of the Duggar family with her twelve (12) ducklings. Thanks for the suggestion.

It’d be great if you could post a link to some photos when this display is done, Sampiro.

Barbara Bush

Cornelia, Mother of the Gracchi ?

Ma Barker ?

Chuck Lorre’s Mother ?

Golda Meier

Margaret Thatcher

Marie Curie

He said he didn’t want mothers of the infamous.

Princess Di and sons

Well I see that she actually had children but I’m thinking she’s famous for being a different kind of mother :stuck_out_tongue: