What My Cat Needs/What I Need

This evening as I went to bed my cat Susie (Himalayan-Persian) crawled up on the bed with me.

I was reading at the time, but sometimes my eyes get tired and I put the book down and turn on my right side.

For some reason, she chooses that time to jump from the left side of my body to the right side, and although she doesn’t snuggle up exactly, she lies close to me. It is at those times that I stroke her, warm her cold ears, and generally coo to her.

Don’t even start with me, cat-haters! :slight_smile: :mad:

She closes her eyes and “tolerates” me for a while, but if she senses that I’m “letting up” on the “lovin’” she tenses just a bit, and then she’s off the bed.

Now, I am not so naive as to think that Susie’s thinking “I think I need to lie close to Daddy for a bit”, but I am wondering what physically is going on with her that she “needs” my presence for just a little while?

I have read a lot about how a pet can help lower stress and blood pressure, but I am wondering what it is I am doing for her at those times?

Is it a maternal need on her part (dating back to her kitten days-she’s 5 now), or does she just “need” my warmth? I like to pretend she does, but I know she has
no concept of love the way I have for her as my pet.

When I come home from work at 7 in the morning (after 12 hours), she will stand there and “bitch” at me, even though she has a full bowl of food and water.

(I take it as “bitchin’” anyway. :D)

So what’s up widdat, cat experts/lovers?

And before you ask, yes. I’m pretty much the only one she sees. (With some exceptions. ;))


No expert, but I have come to believe that cats are more than sufficiently intelligent to read your mood and respond accordingly. They also seek most of the same things you and I do: a soft touch, a kind word, shelter, food, and booty. I’ve had ‘morning cats’ and ‘night cats’, as well as middle-of-the-day ‘what are you up to?’ cats.

Susie wanted some lovin’ from her person, that’s all. Enjoy the cattenaciousness of the moment. :meow smiley:

You’re her pride. My three do the same thing. The 'fraidy cat will only cuddle if I’m lying down and under the covers. She, otherwise, won’t be touched. On the bed, however, she gets so happy, she drools. (sigh)

My new kitten has her periods where she wants to cuddle. She’ll lay on my chest and lick by neck, nibble my ears, purr like a freakin’ motorboat, etc. I’ve found that she’s more inclined to do this just after waking up or after I’ve been out for a long time.

She also likes to sleep curled up right against me, just begging me to roll over in the middle of the night and crush her like a crepe.

My cats do that, too. Not just when I come home, but at random times of the day (or night) to whoever’s awake. They lead us to their full food dish and cry piteously. They want to be petted while they eat. Purring and munching, purring and munching. Yes, I know. Animals don’t like to be bothered while they’re eating. My cats never read that book.

My kitten does this too. If either of us get up in the night to void (I love that word), he hears and comes purring into the room. He has to have both of us facing each other, a stuffed pug dog in just the right position for suckling, my arm on top and Ardred’s on bottom. Then he drools and purrs and suckles and kneads for 2 minutes to half an hour before coming to his senses and running off to attack the dog. If he doesn’t get something that he wants (I don’t roll over, or the dog is in the wrong position) he meows loudly and insistently until he does.

He was a suckler from the time we got him (age: around six months) and I weaned him from my neck (ouch) to the pug dog. I hope he never grows out of it.

The other cat just likes to sleep on the bed, like normal pets. :smiley:

I like the ‘pride’ idea. Wherever we are in the house or garden, Cookie Monster will come and sit nearby. It’s funny how they do require - nay, demand - affection. Sometimes she’ll whine at me until I pick her up and tickle her ears. Sometimes she’ll show me her butt in a suggestive fashion until I stroke her back (I think she gets off on this). She has her own room, but she comes and lies between us in the mornings, or climbs up on whoever looks the most gullible to ask for food - why does she always do this one hour before she gets fed?

The cutest thing ever was when we got back from our 3-week honeymoon. Cookie totally ignored us when we arrived in, and stalked off into the next-door neighbor’s yard. A few minutes later mrs jjimm went out back and called her. From next door came the most plaintive mewing I’ve ever heard, and a great scrambling of claws on fence, then she flew into mrs jjimm’s arms. She spent the next hour hugging and drooling on her and wouldn’t leave her side. That night she spent the entire night between us, stretched out on her back like a human. She missed us. Screw anyone who claims cats don’t experience emotions. Maybe they’re not identical to human ones, but they’re similar.

One of my current sweeties likes to sleep curled up against the small of my back. Another fellow I had liked to sleep against my stomach. It didn’t take either of them long to realize that when I start to shift they’d better stand clear until I get settled again. No flat cat that way. :slight_smile:

Oh, the above-pictured sweetie also likes to suckle on the bath mat in front of my shower. It looks a little odd.

My cats are not especially cuddly, but they do feel the need to be in the same room as I am (yes, that includes the bathroom). They could be sound asleep, but if I move to another room, they’re off in a flash to join me… and promptly fall back asleep. There are kitty beds in every main room in my home for this reason. It isn’t overly demonstrative, but I consider it to be a display of affection all the same.

On the flip side, my mother’s cat enjoys being petted so much that, if you try to move your hand away, she will immediately slap her paw on it, extend her claws ever so slightly, and drag your hand back to her body.

This is what my stand-offish cat does. Sometimes I’ll go the entire day without seeing her once, which is quite the feat given the size of our apartment. But as soon as I get ready for bed, she needs attention, and woe to the silly human who ignores her.

The other one is very social. She is my husband’s shadow.