What nationality are you? (multiselection)

So the Birthers aren’t nuts after all…

Well, crap, i though you only wanted citizenship.

I’m a citizen (i.e., passport-holder) of:

United Kingdom

And i’m a permanent resident (i.e., green card-holder) of:

United States

I left the US off my poll response.

The Netherlands is one of the BeNeLux countries, so I took both of those categories.

Northern Ireland as a separate option but not Scotland or Wales? Baffling.

Heh. On current figures (which are clearly unrepresentative) this place is on a per-capita basis more Australian than American. 15 Australians from a population of 22M and 79 from the US out of a population of 330M.

Cool! I have dual citizenship! I’m Alaskan and American! :smiley:

Oh I voted wrong. I thought this was about heritage, not current residence. :frowning:

I have a spouse visa in Japan, but no permanent residency. They don’t just hand those out. You usually have to demonstrate social contribution and have lived in Japan for a significant period of time.

I wouldn’t even apply to become a Japanese citizen because I would have to give up my US citizenship.

That’s why we can’t have nice things.:frowning:

I stand corrected

Well, 8 out out 4.5M kiwis post here, which is equivelnt to 533 votes for the USA.

oops, I thought it encompassed Belgium, Liechenstein and Luxembourg… I’m not the best at geography.

“It’s Complicated”.

I am German/Italian, or what I call a Krop, half kraut half wop. Im 1st generation American/German on my mothers side, 2nd generation American/Italian on my fathers side.