What nationality are you? (multiselection)

please wait for the pole…poll

all done

Point of clarification: Are you asking for our heritage?

No, your citizenship or place you hold PR.

I put Nothern Ireland and the non-Continental USA as seperate options, as not every Alaskan or Ulsterman considers themselves American or British

Why is Italy listed twice?

I’m a US national, but resident of Panama (which is not listed).

Aah crap, I have permanent residency in the UK, so I should have selected UK (GB) and UK (Northern Ireland) as well as New Zealand.

Alaska and Hawaii are no longer U.S. states?

I’m a US national

Alaska is considering seceding? Is this over oil or Palin, I haven’t kept up?

It most definately is not

I think the other 49 would secede because of Palin

The check bounced, so the Russians repossessed it.

Okay, next question. Why is Italy listed thrice?

Well considering 3 counties of Ulster aren’t even in the UK, you’re absolutely correct. By the way the term Eire is eiretating to a lot of Irish people unless you’re speaking in Irish plus Southern Ireland isn’t a country.

I guess I don’t understand the question. What is nationality? Why are Alaska, Hawaii listed separately? If you mean citizenship, why not ask that? Puerto Ricans are US citizens too. Nationality has a somewhat different meaning to me. For example, French Canadians consider themselves to be a separate nationality, although they remain Canadian citizens. It is, in any case, a heavily loaded word. And why is Italy list twice?

Yea, why are you lumping Puerto Rico with Alaskans or Hawaiians?

I drunk too much

Because they are all American states outside the CONUS.

  1. Puerto Rico is not a state, neither is Guam. Alaska and Hawaii are states.

  2. You’re asking for nationality, and I’d said that the Puerto Rican nationality is different from that of Guam, Alaska, and Hawaii. Just because they’re not part of the continental US does not mean they are all the same in terms of nationality.