What natural cleaning products would you recommend?

A friend with various medical ailments is wondering if she used more natural cleaning products, if they at the very least not be as irritating to her senses or perhaps even be beneficial. What have you used & would you recommend? Thanks.

Baking soda… Also, parsley plus kitchen cleaner.

Good old white vinegar and water cleans a lot of stuff. I have a book about cleaning just about anything, and the fallbacks are always vinegar and water mixtures and Borax. Plus elbow grease. The difference I’ve found between the possibly healthier choices and the commercial no-scrub stuff that’s hard to breathe is just that - scrubbing.

Ballistol is a non-toxic CLP. Replaces WD40, 3-in-1 and a bunch of other products. Also useful in caring for leather products. Good, useful stuff.

I’m not a shill, but I hate the smell of most cleaners (and vinegar) and me and bleach have some bad history. Simple Green is kickass stuff, and works very well on everything I’ve used it for, including the back kitchen of an ice-cream parlour.

Otherwise, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar (even though I hate the smell) baking soda, lemon juice, and hot water.

Oh another good one. Magic erasers… those things are the bomb.

If you have a really stubborn, or burned on stain (countertop, oventop, glass, etc.), Tums make amazing cleaners. They’re just a little puck of calcium carbonate, and when combined with a wet paper towel they’ll clean the hardened stuff quickly. I use them when I spill something on the glass stovetop or in the oven. Plop a tablet onto the stain, cover with a wad of wet paper towels and scrub away. It disintegrates into little gravel-sized grains and I can wipe it all up (with the same towel). Quicker than Bar Keeper’s friend too.

Just my little kitchen hack. I doubt if the OPs friend would have a reaction to it, and I’m assuming he/she would want to avoid oven cleaners.