What newspapers have won the most Pulitzer Prizes?

I think google is broken.

Perhaps someone, somewhere, forgot to flip a switch or something, but I can’t seem to find the answer to this pretty simple question using google (and wolfram-alpha doesn’t collect award data yet,they said “Development of this topic is under investigation…”).

I am trying to find out which newspapers (particularly the top two) have won the most cumulative Pulitzer. I don’t think any of the awards are given directly to newspapers, so obviously when I refer to newspapers having won the prizes, i mean journalists workings for the same papers.

I found a couple suggestions online that the New York Times is number one, but none have citations, and certainly no comprehensive list of Pulitzer prizes by newspaper which is my ideal find.

Or at the very least, where can I find a cite for which are the two papers with the most awards (going back to whenever they started giving them out)/

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Wiki says the NY Times.

Of course, there are one or two they might prefer not to have won.

Some are awarded to specific papers. Most of the reporting categories are awarded for a body of work or a series of stories, and those almost always go to a paper rather than an individual reporter. The Public Service award always goes to a paper.

Xema is correct. The NY Times has won the most – 104, including three this year. I believe the Washington Post is next with 47, and LA Times with 39.

It would be interesting to see it extended to publishers outside the US.

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I did come across a bit of info on wikipedia, but because they didn’t have a citation themselves for the data, I didn’t consider it a proper source. Also they definitely don’t have a list of top two or top few.

I suspect it is NYT then Washington Post, but I’m trying to verify.

Hi Logical Phallacy, I was googling the same question and only found this thread and the answers.com page so I decided to do my own research! Here you go: http://andrewcichocki.blogspot.ca/2012/08/us-newspapers-ranked-by-pulitzer-prizes.html?spref=tw

It’s interesting which Pulitzer Prizes are won by which papers. You might expect that the prize for criticism, which is about the same sort of things that Cafe Society on the SDMB is about (books, movies, TV, fashion, dance, theater, restaurants, music, painting, photography), would be won mostly by papers in New York or Los Angeles. In fact, these are the top four papers for this award:

The Washington Post - 10
The New York Times - 6
The Boston Globe - 6
The Los Angeles Times - 5

I’m counting Jonathan Yardley for The Washington Post. The Washington Star folded not long after he won the Pulitzer and he’s been with The Washington Post ever since.

On the other hand, you might expect that the prize for national reporting, which is (mostly) about American political issues, would be won by papers in Washington. In fact, The New York Times is far ahead of The Washington Post. (I’m not listing the other papers here.):

The New York Times - 11
The Washington Post - 3

I think the prize committee tries to have variety in their nominations. Also I think each of the categories, other than maybe public service and investigative journalism (they’re even more important), are equally good indicators of a paper’s overall quality.