What next for Skull (PvP's Troll)

First Bill Watterson, then Bil Keane, now Bill Amend. Who’s next? Bill Holbrook?

Hmm…Skull bumping into Fastrack’s moat monster could prove interesting.

I hope he ends up in For Better or Worse, and accidentally torches Milborough, ending the strip.

Gets cancer in Funky Winkerbean?

Sally Forth’s been looking to add a new family member.

I’m trying not to imagine Sally squeezing Skull out of her vagina. Don’t dare him…if Kurtz would ask him, I’m pretty sure Ces will do it…

He’d be a pretty good match for Lio, and Mark Tatulli seems to enjoy doing crossovers of his own.

You know what seriously blew my mind when I found out about it? That Tatulli also produces Heart of the City! That’s even MORE out-there than Ces doing both Sally Forth and Medium Large

I got more of a Dennis the Menace vibe off of Kevin than I did Calvin and Hobbes.

The cliffdrop sled ride was a standard Calvin & Hobbes scenario.

Yeah, but the characterization in the preceding strips works better as a parody of Dennis than of Calvin. Dennis’s defining characteristic is playing pranks on adults and other kids - being a “menace.” Calvin’s defining characteristic is his over-active imagination. The kid in the PvP comic doesn’t display much of an imagination, unless you count being able to see Skull. He does spend all of his time play incredibly meanspirited, violent pranks. Plus, with that mop of hair getting in his face, he looks more like Dennis, than shorter-haired Calvin.

Besides, based on the Foxtrot comic, I suspect that Kurtz is setting it up so that good comics equal good kids, while bad comics equal junior league sociopaths like the Keane children. Dennis the Menace and Family Circle are godawful comics, so they produce godawful children. Foxtrot and Calvin and Hobbes are good comics, so they produce sympathetic kids. I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid Skull’s writing about in the last one is the Calvin parody. Perhaps the help he needs relates to a missing Hobbes? Although what I actually expect is that the parodies were just to set up Skull’s arc, and that the meat of the storyline will involve an original character from Kurtz, and not another parody.

Calvin also had a mischievous streak. For example: wanting a flame thrower, sticking his butt in wet cement, finding creative ways to trick his mom into giving him cookies, building a sand city on the beach and waiting for the tide to come in, snow goons, playing tricks on Rosalyn, asking if the couch is too wide while holding a saw, trying to fix the bathroom faucet, etc. Kevin is Calvin if he never had Hobbes.