What noise do giraffes make?

Cats meow. Cows moo. Lions roar. But how in the world do girraffes talk?


Cats meow. Cows moo. Lions roar. But how in the world do girraffes talk?


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According to theWellington, NZ zoo, giraffes have been known to grunt, bleat, and moo, but they don’t do any of this very often.

a giraffe makes the same noise as a poster getting strangled by MANHATTAN

This question was answered definitively by the South Park movie, I thought…

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I tried a real quick and dirty google search and came up with this:


Doesn’t answer the question, but it’s cute.

According to this site:


It doesn’t mention what this rare vocal noise sounds like, though.

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I saw a show about this recently, believe it or not. It was recently learned that giraffes communicate with each other over long distances by emitting very low tones by way of turning their faces up to the sky, stretching their necks, and blowing air out. It creates a sort of rumble, much like an elephant rumble. The show contained video tape of a biologist studying the phenomenon by sequestering a giraffe from view of other giraffes and watching her reaction when other giraffes in the zoo exhibited this behavior. Much like a cat, the giraffe’s ears pricked up and turned toward the sound (or virbrations) and she became agitated.

I think I saw the same show plnnr references, called “Tall Blondes” and hosted by Diane Sawyer.

Lynn Neery, but the same show.

According to the Festival of the Lion King at Animal Kingdom, they make a noise like a sheep (bleating). And Disney would not lie to me!


I also watched the PBS show mentioned by plnnr and mico. A quick search leads to this section on giraffe communication shown on Nature’s Tall Blondes. Pretty fascinating stuff.

Plus, giraffes fart quite loudly. Not for communication, I’m sure, but it’s still a noise.
Sorry, not cite, just personal experience (San Diego zoo, 1987).