What non-SNL character would you like to see in movies?

We’ve all seen dozens of movies based off of SNL re-occurring characters, but there have been other great sketch comedy shows out there with great characters that never made it onto the big screen. So, which characters would you like to see full length movie adventures of?

The Head Detective from In Living Color. He’s a cop, horrible disfigured when gunned down by gangsters, but through the miracles of science, his life is saved. Unfortunately, now he’s just a head with hands and feet. These were all pretty funny, and the oral sex jokes would be endless.

Billy Quan from Almost Live. It would have to involve something more than simply beating the fuck out of Bald White Guy, but make Baldie the head of some crime organization terrorizing Billy’s family, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a good time.

Firemarshal Bill from In Living Color. Can’t think of an exact plot, but hell, none of Jim Carrey’s slapstick silly movies have them, and people still like em (to an extent), so why the hell not?

Arm Fall Off Boy and Plaid Lad from the Legion of Superheroes should get their own high budget movies. I mean, it would be great. He could hit people with his own arm, while PL blends perfectly into a stereotypical crowd of lesbians. :slight_smile:

How 'bout “The A-Team Movie”?

Ummm…the A-Team wasn’t a sketch comedy routine.

It wasn’t:confused:

I hope the Ronnie Dobbs movie actually gets released. It’s based on the funniest sketch on the funniest sketch comedy show ever (“Y’all are brutalizing me!!”), and it’s already been filmed, but there is no release date set…

Mister Canoehead, Canada’s Greatest Aluminum Crimefighter - The Movie

Count Floyd.

Big Jim McBob and BIlly Saw Hirok, as directed by Quentin Tarantino. “He blowed up real good!”

Johnny LaRue

Buddy Cole. I watch his Christmas special every year.

I, too, want the Ronnie Dobbs movie released. I just bought the Mr. Show DVD today.

Elvis, thanks for reminding me about Billy Quan. Almost Live wasn’t much of a show, but Billy Quan was pure genius.

Simon and Hecubus.

Market it as a horror film. The pair try to seduce and corrupt the heroes through a series of hopelessly banal plots and magic, until unleashing something truely evil.