What Not To Wear

And on the Larry episode, the gurus even mentioned that if he wants to buy bulk and not spend a lot, he can do so in Old Navy, which is very affordable. The stores they highlight in the show are expensive, granted, but it adds some flair that wouldn’t be present if the fashion victims were doing all their shopping in Mervyns and JC Penny.


That’s not exactly true. It seems to me that they pick people who could quite possibly afford better clothes, but have no clue what to buy or where to shop, and/or, have no fashion sense whatsoever.

Leisure Suit Larry owns an upscale health spa in Manhattan and is a published author. And they were right about him – the image he presents is horrifying – particularly for a successful businessman.

And the stylists do say it’s ok to shop for lower-priced clothing, but you still have to buy the right cuts and styles. Here’s what stylist Stacy London said to Kerry, the opera singer, “Like the clothes that we showed you on the mannequin, those are the highest priced clothes that we can find. What we’re asking you to do is look at the characteristics of the clothes, because you can find them at any price — just like you can find a great evening dress for $159 and you can can find it for $5000 at Prada.”

Now, after having defended them on that point, I’d also like to say that they could both stand a style make-over of their own. Stacy’s hair and makeup are hideous and she only thinks those mid-calf cut boots are flattering on her legs. Those things wouldn’t look good on anyone! And Wayne not only should cut that mop he wears on his head, but if he’s going to be stubborn like the self-proclaimed hippie they made over, Christine, and refuse to cut it, at least learn how to use some styling products and a damn comb! Yeesh!