What not to Wear?! what the hell is this crap?

Last night, my housemate made me sit through this program on BBC2. The basic gist is 2 so called ‘fashion experts’ take some random member of the public, mainly female and tear their dress sense and wardrobe to bits, then give them some money to go and get new clothes.

so far, so shite. the two mangs that present are the most obnoxious pseudo lesbians you ever did see. They keep manhandling the ‘contestants’(for want of a better word) breasts and arses, telling them how fat or good they look according to how much they listen to their advice on clothes.
Which is all well and good apart from both the presenters appear unable to select anything decent for themselves to wear.
And they really, really want you to know they’re pregnant. the fat ones face looks like shes suffering from air pressure, kind of like a face drawn on a pumpkin, and the other ones a big streak of piss who obvious got bullyed at school and now feels vindicated that she can talk down to ordinary lasses about their shitty dress sense. I’m unaware of these two’s credentials but they must have got them from somewhere.

there is no worth whatsoever to this program, at all. It’s absolute dogshit.
I hope I am never forced to sit through it again.

Here endeth the lesson.

Dude, turn the fucking thing off. It’s the most godawful program ever conceived of.

Though “pseudo-lesbian” is a bit of a misnomer, since one of them’s up the duff.

nah, both of them are up the duff. my take is that they both got some repressed issues they don’t seem to be able to deal with, grabbing tits and arses all the time.

Its a fucking shambles

I watched part of one of those, and there was this chick who took the money and bought every black blouse and sweat shirt she could find. This got the team of 2 nitwits in a frenzy, they went right in there and forced the most obnoxious clothing they could on her. All bright colors, stripes and alike. I looked at my wife and said, WTF does this idiot program provide the masses? It isn’t any better than watching trading spaces over and over again, Page Davis is an obnoxious dweeb and watching her drives me fucking nuts. I thought when Full House stopped taping all of the moronic shows were going to be the thing of the past. FUCK! THEY MIGHT AS WELL BRING BACK THE BRADY BUNCH!

My fiancee loves it. I can’t stand it. It’s one of those shows where I end up arguing with the presenters, screaming at the screen etc. I have to go upstairs and read until the effete crap masquerading as television ends for another night.

Not even my makeover-show-addicted missus watches this bollocks.

It’s December for goodness sake, what on earth were you doing being sober and domesticated at mid-evening ?

Second thought, join the revolution! Throw the fucking idjut box out the window and if the flatmate gets the hump, launch him in the same direction with the remote firmly installed, width-ways, in his commecial channel.

HER London_Calling. Christ, if I lived with a guy that forced me to watch it I would throw the fucking TV out with him embedded in it.
And for the record, I was just beginning to make my way through 8 tins of Kronenbourg. Last night was a night off.
Then I watched City of God, which took the taste away somewhat.

Is there an American version of this?

It provides nothing but hate and frustration to the morons that watch it.

Well, I’m relieved to know it. Is there an American version of Kronenbourg ? . . . no idea.

Ho Ho. I want my TV licence money back for this shit. perhaps I could beat it out of Trinny/Susannas melon fucking head.

I’m unsure as to where the other £104.98 would come from though…

Oh yes, there has been an American version of this for some time. Did America finally develop its own horrid piece of crap reality program that spread outward, rather than copying other pieces of crap?

The few times I saw it, several months ago, it was hosted by a man and a woman. Similar format - these two numbnuts abuse some poor woman with their fashion authority (despite the fact that the guy looked like a wannabe Fabio dressing like a barbarian teenager) and would then watch to see whether the poor woman would adhere to their line of crap or not as she spent their money.

I was always impressed with the strength of the women involved, who would listen to their harrassment without breaking down in tears or kicking ass.

BTW, what does “up the duff” mean? My suspicion is that it would apply to the guy on the American version.

not unless he had undergone some freakish medical experiment and is indeed pregnant.

Well… okay, so he was probably not, in fact, “up the duff.” At least not with a human child. Pregnant with pretension, bile and horrible taste in clothing? Yes.

If anyone regularly watches this programme, and someone goes completely ballistic on those two insufferable munters, please let me know.

that’s good television.

Well, I like it. Although I think the “friends” and “family” of these people should be brought out back and shot, I do find useful information for myself. Especially when they do the middle-aged women…a club that I’m a member of!

I love this show, too. Sometimes it’s a miss… this week’s episode (I get it on BBC Prime, so this won’t match the UK or US schedule) was a bit of a bust; the “victim” was a 45 year old woman who kept trying to dress like a trendy trendy teen because she thought it made her look young. Trinny and Susannah were of the opinion - correctly so, if you ask me - that it instead made her look older than she was, and tried to get her to try more sophisticated clothing. It didn’t work because you could see her heart was not in it.

But last week’s subject was a big guy who seemed to choose only clothes that emphasized his belly and round cheeks. Put him in clothes that called attention to his good features, and he not only looked thinner, he looked damn good. Hot, even.

Yes, Trinny and Susannah have rather abrasive personalities, but that is part of the fun. They do try to improve the subject in part by making her more like them, but they also give solid advice. And when it’s all over, the subject and those same family and friends that recommended her are nearly always all happy with the results.

I’ve seen it. And I think, if some hapless punter finally snaps and treats Trinny and Susannah the way they deserve, a jury will bring in a verdict of “justifiable homicide” without leaving the box.

But it’s cheap and nasty, and that’s the current idea of good television. Thank heavens for DVD players and quality Seventies programming, that’s all I can say.

hmm, still not getting it. wheres the fun in your life if you find this entertaining?
aside from the end results from last nights show made me feel like someone had trampled on my soul. I now have no hope for any kind of reality TV, not that I had much in the first place.

I, like Twisty, would like to see someone who’s more than a match verbally & physically for these two scrotebags go ballistic on them. Unfortunately, the BBC employs editors. Perhaps there should be a Wachowski bros version where thers no editing at all in this circumstance…

Prince Edward has done one of these two birds. I forget which one, but that’s all you need to know about them. IMHO, of course.

Is it the one with the massive pumpkin head, or the skinny bint who doesnt appear to need a bra, let alone wear one?

frankly, the thought of doing either of those 2 terrifies me.