Sad little fashion nazis

Nameless mouthbreather on whatever E/VH1 show about fashion: “OMG God; did you see what she was wearing? What was she thinking?!”

Please allow me to answer.

Not about your worthless, pompous, self-absorbed ass, that’s for fucking sure, you pathetic parasite of society. “Oh, oh, a celebrity did something outrageous! They didn’t wear a black suit! Let’s climb twelve miles up our gold fucking pedestal and make fun of them on television!” That’s what they’re fucking there for, you sniveling little invertebrates! They’re rich and famous because they do shit the rest of us can’t do; that’s the entire defi-fucking-nition of celebrity. So get the fuck off of my god damn screen, crawl back to your wretched, empty little life in your little hole under your bridge, take your sad, immature little opinions, and shut the FUCK up.

If that sort of thing bothers you, you should block E! and VH1 from your TV. The hosts and talking heads on all those shows are nobody-vultures, trying to get their 15 minutes sniping others. They’re lamer than the ones they are sniping.

The pathetically ironic thing about it is that many of the taunters are has-beens — failed and fallen former famous fops. Joan “Couldn’t Get A Gig In Cleveland” Rivers comes to mind.

Even sadder is that I know people who go to weddings for the sole purpose of laughing at what other people are wearing.

Very strange hobby.

Your belt doesn’t match your shoes, does it?


No, they match: they’re both paisley.

Scuffed, torn, and too small? They match.

I’m not really sure exactly what you’re talking about, JJ, but if Go Fug Yourself is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Normally I think Troy is the bee’s knees, but Kyla, I was secretly thinking the same thing.

I don’t have a big beef with friends making offhand comments or random people on the internet (hell, that’s what they’re for), but these cretins on TV making a career of it just strikes me as hopelessly skeevy and pathetic.

Even I think WTF sometimes, but as I said elsewhere,

And while I’m here, sorry about the double post, and thanks for cleaning it up, mods.

Amen! Joan Rivers, however, is a step beyond a step too far. Particularly since she’s walking around with a face that wouldn’t look out of place in Kabuki.

Are you talking about Joan Rivers? Because she’s a waste of space. Beyond that, I’m unclear on the concept. Mocking celebrities with too much money and too little dress sense can be funny. I freaking live for the Fug Girls’ Letters of Fug from Britney Spears.

I’m agreeing with Kyla.

Joan Rivers, ick.

Jessica and Heather. LOVE.

Troy, you are just too cute when you’re angry. But I hate what you’re wearing. :wink:

Well, she is queen of the harpies, but I also mean these losers on “VH1’s Twenty Worst Fashion Fo Paws” and shit like that. Who crowned these cheesedicks Lords Of All That Is Wearable?

Come on JJ, if they didn’t show that shit, they’d have to show videos or something. Who fucking cares? The Giants have the worst home record in the majors and you’re whining about fucking fashion shows on VH1? Where are your priorities?

Is this show any worse than TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” with its snide put-downs, emotional manipulation, wardrobe tossing, and debatable advice? (Which usually consists of imposing skin-revealing and form-fitting disposable pieces du jour on the subject, regardless of how resistant she is to wearing them.)

As long as they don’t directly confront the person with the horrible outfit, I don’t see the harm in picking apart other people’s wardrobe.

And most of the rest are "never-have-beens-and-never-will-be"s.

Who the fuck is JJ?

The guys from the mailroom and I go down to The Gallery (this mall attached to the office building in which I work) sit on a bench and comment on nearly everyone who walks by. We do this like twice a month. It’s especiallly fun in the summer.

One day, we are SO going to get punched in the mouth.

I’ve never seen the show in question, but I used to catch reruns of Fashion Police when it was on E!. I can think of worse ways to kill an hour.

I’m not a violent man, but the attitude that Trinny and Susanna on “what not to wear” espouse make me wish for some sort of freak yachting accident.