What number am I thinking of?

I did this once before, now I feel its time to do it again.

I am thinking of a number between one and ten. I promise you that I have selected one number and it will not change. In one week, I will tell everyone what my number is. In the mean time, you may guess and we will see how many get it right.

Let the guessing begin!


A threesome.


I know this one. Novocaine, right?

The answer is obvious: You’re thinking of n as both the algebraic constant of a number, and also what is literally in between “one and ten”


  1. It’s always 7.
  1. I always pick 5.

That’s a nice, median, number. :slight_smile:

You’re a guy, right? 69.

Actually, the median would be 5.5. As would the average. I love pedantics! I’m picking 6, though. I think the OP is slightly above average.


Well there you go.

Five (5).

There was a mystery/thriller called “Think of a Number” that used a plot point where the bad guy sent a letter to someone telling him to pick a number, then when the recipient opened the inner envelope it had the number he had picked. Magic by postal mail. My review.

Nah, 7 is too obvious. It’s probably 3. People always pick 3 after deciding 7 is too easy.


Think of all the numbers you want. I don’t care what they are.

One more day. Get your votes in. :slight_smile: