What % of death row prisoners end up being released, dying of natural causes or being executed

So if those are the 3 major fates of death row prisoners (technically I guess there are 4, having the sentence commuted to life in prison but in a way that is the same as being released from death row) what % of death row prisoners who die on death row die of natural causes vs being executed?

I’m assuming it varies drastically from state to state. Texas probably doesn’t have the record California does.

But do more people die of natural causes (non-suicide related causes) and diseases of old age than from being executed on death row?

From the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1973 to the end of 2010, the figures were as follows:

Death sentences issued - 8,221
executed - 1,234
died - 436
sentence or conviction overturned - 2,990
sentence commuted - 369
other - 34
under sentence of death - 3,158

See table 15 for state by state figures.

Wow. 36.37% of death sentences are overturned? Is that proven innocent? or something else like a higher court lowers the sentence to life in prison?

A lot more than that, actually. 2,990 out of 5,663.

The 3,158 still on death row will probably have a similar proportion overturned.

In the same period, 138 releasesdue to proven or probable innocence.

The rest had the sentence lowered.