What old technology won't you give up

or are sorry you did?

For me it is my Walkman radio. I wore one out about three years ago after 25 years. Found they still offered something similar. Wife keeps getting me the FM tuner in the MP3 player stuff but it just is not as convenient as the Walkman. My yard is too large for the WiFi coverage and my one bar reception shoots down the phone streaming. Also, the Walkman clips easily to my shirt collar whereas the phone is a large brick in the pocket.

Writing by hand. In cursive.

Pretty much all of it. I’ve still got all my “old” formats, so I need the do-dads to use them.

I still do math problems in my head or with pen and paper.


Imperial measurements in the home. I’ve been using metric at work for several decades, but still make my coffe using tablespoons and cups.

My Polaroid camera. I still use it to snap things I want to remember, artsy-fartsy wise. I know my phone and pad take pics and I do use them. But I want something to hold in my hand. I bought the lil’wrekker one of the new Polaroid cameras last year. She had fun with it for about a month, now not so much. I have been using up the film she had leftover.

Analogue watch, I even chose my current car largely due to it having an analogue watch in the dash.

Musical instruments. Electronic keyboards, even the wildly expensive ones, are still just toys. Maybe in another 50 years…

Double ditto.

I copy poetry by hand onto paper in script to help me enjoy it.

I still use message boards instead of that there newfangled Facebook or reddit.

I still use a landline phone instead of a smartphone or cell phone.

oh yes, I love my watches. I buy them at the opshop for next to nothing. Also clocks. I have clocks in my house. I don’t understand why people would want to pull out a phone instead of just looking at a clock sitting there.

Same here. I have a bunch of them, all of them but one mechanical and require winding ( though some are self winding ). They’re all fairly modern ( 1980s to the early “oughts” ) too.

I still like maps: either fold outs or atlases ( like DeLorme’s ) and very very seldom use or need a GPS feature on a phone or vehicle infotainment system. I’ll peruse/study a desired route on a map or even google earth, then I’m good to go. Full disclosure: I’m a geography nut.

Still keep a land line phone: When at home I prefer talking on it because the ergonomics/comfort and sound quality are superior to a smartphone.

Don’t know if this is “old technology” or not, but when I going somewhere with the intent to photograph, I take my SLR camera. While the smartphone camera does OK in a pinch, I DO NOT consider it a substitute, let alone a replacement for, an SLR.

Still prefer DVD’s to streaming. Smoother and easier FF and RWD. Same with music CDs. Hell, I still play vinyl LPs every now and then.

I still have games on 3.5 floppies and a gateway computer that has win 95 to use them with oh and it has has a 16x cd rom too
finding a mouse with a bus port for it was a bitch tho………
funny thing is I have 450 retro games on gog that I can play on a modern pc …………

Books, blued gun metal and walnut stocks, leather, hand-forged knife blades, guard dog, pretty much most things hand-made.



Same here.

I don’t have an MP3 player. (Well, I think there’s one on my phone, but I have never used it.) All my music is on CDs. When we watch a film, it is on DVD or BluRay.

I, too, still write analogue with the spelling we’ve been using in this thread.