What Olympic sport am I watching?

OK, Croatia (huzzah!) is beating Bulgaria, 25-21 as I watch this ‘sport’:

-Maybe 6 players per team.
-Indoors, on a roughly basketball-sized court.
-Hockey-like net at either end.
-Dudes running around, throwing some big softball/small volleyball looking ball around.

What sport is that?


That’s it; Thanks!

Europe Handball Site

Check out the gallery…

That’s called handball?? Sacrilege!

Handball is played in a court, like squash or racquetball, but without a racquet. My god, is that … thing what the Olympic handball results have always been about?

In the US, it’s usually referred to at “team handball” to differentiate.

It looks suspiciously like dodge ball! You boys will watch anything! :stuck_out_tongue:

<homer>Then what’s the one where chicks whale on each other?</homer>

MikeS Foxy Boxing… (sorry, couldn’t remember which character said it, Lisa?)

I can’t believe (team) handball is an olympic sport. I used to rule at that when we played it in gym in high school. Damn, I coulda been an Olympian.

That’s handball? In my elementry school, handball was was a two-player game involving smacking a ball against a wall. How is that game related to the team handball played in the Olympics?

It’s the soccer/football confusion again.
Handball is a very big sport in Europe. I find it extremely boring to watch, but that’s just me.

And don’t be fooled. It’s not dodgeball and certainly not a kiddie/sissy sport. It’s tough and rough and if you check pics, they’re not wearing any protective gear.

We called it “hand soccer” when we played it in high school. It was a blast. I always looked forward to “hand soccer” days in gym class.

Next thing you know, “Speedball” will be an olympic event. That sport is more confusing than any other game, save Cribbage. Oh, and let’s nip one thing in the bud, I refer to an actual physical game that takes US Soccer and Team Handball and wraps those two sports into one. I think a college in Mich. invented it.

Then again, if all sports went according to plan, Micheal Jordan would be the king of Crate-ball.

Handball is played in a court, like squash or racquetball, but without a racquet.QUOTE]
Eh? That’s Fives.

Nah, that’s US Handball, which is similar to Fives but can be played on a single-wall, three-wall, or four-wall court.

AFAIK there are no Fives courts in the US, either of the Rugby (four plain walls), Winchester (four walls with a sloped buttress on the left-hand wall), or Eton (three walls, with a buttress, a step in mid-court, and various sloping ledges on the walls, based on part of the exterior of the chapel at Eton College) variants. You can see a photo of an Eton Fives Court at this link, by clicking on the hyperlink labeled “The Eton Fives court”. (Sorry no direct link, it’s behind a Javascript popup).

As an American, I’m embarrassed (but not surprised) to admit that the European naming convention in this regard is logical:

Move the ball across the field and into the opponent’s net with your feet: Football.

Move the ball across the field and into the opponent’s net with your hands: Handball.

Me, I’ll stick with good 'ol American sports: Throw and Charge Ball; Bounce and Throw Ball; and Batball.