What on Earth is an AGT fee?

Given that the dude is out of town (area code is from L.A., I think; they make 'em shifty up there), there’s an ad for a renting website called “tips4renters”, and he split “Gaslamp” into two words as though one would find it attractive to be able to walk to an actual gas lamp–

I’m feeling iffy about this AGT fee thing. What is it? Does one have to sign it in blood, or will ink suffice?

Aboveground Storage Tank

Agent fee ? Just a wag.

Why would this guy be so cold and uncaring about capitalization for three whole lines but really warm up to the idea for three letters’ worth of time? And he couldn’t type ‘en’ while he was at it?

To make it less apparent that he is chargeing you for something you could problely do yourself for free. Or it could be something else entirely as I said it was just a guess.

That would be AST, wouldn’t it? Or AGST?

I dunno, I was taking a wild guess. :wink: Maybe “above ground tank”.

I agree that it’s an agent fee.

Third vote for “agent fee.”

Maybe the agent fee is listed as ‘AGT fee’ on some form he has, and he doesn’t really know what it stands for?

So some dude lives in LA and sells apartments in downtown San Diego, who can’t read his own forms and doesn’t know how to correctly spell San Diego’s most popular neighborhood? Yeeeaaaaaaahhh…no thanks, I’ll have to take my business elsewhere.

100% to be an agent fee. Just asked a guy I work with who used to do real estate rentals. Said when they rented an apartment to someone, they charged an Agent Fee of 1 months rent. If the place had some sort of bonus on it, they would put No AGT fee.

Thanks for asking around!