What on earth was Cruz thinking by releasing this video?

I understand being sneaky about getting footage to the super-PAC without coordinating, but why leave in stuff like “that’s too personal”? Why include the “I approve this message” stuff at all, when that wouldn’t be in a super-PAC’s commercial? Cannot understand this.

lol the ‘we approve this message’ thing was cute…until you saw the 14 takes or whatever it was.

I think that was a campaign oversight. Or perhaps they didn’t want to invest in the time needed to chop the footage up and filter out the phony parts. It’s not like Ted Cruz has a lot of respect for his supporters.

Also, I doubt whether Cruz has access to the best and brightest campaign consultants. Top people have witnessed their guy getting burned more than once and they become instinctively cautious. Cruz’s staff may have just let this one slide.

The “We approve this message” thing is even cuter, once you realize the girls are actually saying “We approve this messy”.

As good as any explanation. But he is so controlled on the stump.