What ONE name comes immediately to mind when you hear "1930's"?

Okay, let’s level the playing field, people. We’ve been having fun with the 50’s, so let’s move it back a couple decades (which ought to make it so very few of us have vivid personal memories of the time) and try that name game one mo’ time.

Be sure to go with your first impression, then list others as you see fit.

Indiana Jones.


Adolph Hitler

Herbert Hoover

Edwin Armstrong

Marlene Dietrich


Empire State Building

If it has to be human, then FDR.

another FDR here

Hoobert Heever

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.


(HItler? Really? His history runs from the 20s to the 40s and seems firmly locked in the latter.)

Dorothea Lange
After her, a slew of musicians. Leadbelly, Cab Calloway, Glenn Miller, etc…

Now that I think about it, tho… Orson Welles

So, immediate thought goes to a photographer of the Dust Bowl Okies. Giving myself time to think, a giant entertainment figure of radio and cinema.

Clark Gable.

Then FDR.


I tried to think of a celebrity but there are just too many to choose from.

Al Capone

prohibition and organized crime

Sorry, but another Hitler for me. He took power in the '30s and started the Second World War in the '30s. The '40s was more about the war itself, and the aftermath, than Hitler (for me) and the '20s seem much less important.

Bonnie and

30’s = Great Depression = Herbert Hoover