What OS do you primarily run?

This is about desktops/laptops, NOT phones. This is NOT in any way shape or form about which is “better.” It’s not (necessarily) even about your personal preference. It’s a simple matter of which you primarily use in your overall life, both work and home. It’s which one you use more than, say 60% of the time you currently use computers for whatever.

I’m just curious how the SDMB community compares to the general population. I’m sure someone out there has more recent and more accurate numbers than I have found, but the general usage percentages I have found are roughly in the neighborhood of:

[li]87% Windows (XP/7/Vista)[/li][li]7% Mac OS X[/li][li]1% Linux[/li][li]5% Other[/li][/ul]

I have Macs at both home and work. I occasionally must use a Windows machine at work and sometimes use my GF’s PC notebook but 99% of my computer usage is on Mac OS X.

Windows XP here, although my next computer is going to be a Macbook Pro.

Fedora Core 14 (64-bit) running on a Lenovo ThinkPad T61p. I have a KVM image with Windows XP that I use for one application we need that doesn’t run on Linux or have an alternative that runs on Linux.

Windows 7/ Ubuntu pretty much even split.

Ubuntu and Debian on my two laptops for everyday use and work, and Windows Vista dualbooting on the Ubuntu machine for gaming.

I have a MacBook Pro and a MacMini that runs Windows XP and Mac OSX

Win 7 at home and XP at work.

Dual booting Ubuntu linux and Slackware linux. All linux for me, though.

OS X on MacPro and MacBook Pro, Linux on a third machine, and very rarely Windows under Parallels/OS X

There are currently 5 computers at home running various versions of the Mac OS – my main compy is an iMac running OS X. At work I’m forced to use Windows XP.

Windows is all we (the household) use on all our computers. Don’t think that’s likely to change. Everyone else I know in real life - family and friends, use Windows too.

iMac and Macbook Pro running OS X. I have various virtual machines running Windows 7, Windows XP, and Linux on the iMac if I need them. The Macbook Pro is dual-boot XP and OS X. I don’t use Windows nearly as much as I used to.

My job requires me to use both Mac OS X and Windows to a fairly high level of proficiency in both. My previous job added Linux to that, but I don’t do any these days, and haven’t booted to Linux in months.

I have basically the same setup at home, primarily to support the work environment. I use Mac OS a little more than Windows because it’s the OS connected to the most comfortably placed monitor on my desk.

Mac OS X given the choice, which I don’t have at work, which is all XP. For one of the Macs at home I also have Win7 installed, which was a mistake. XP is still much quicker to get things done on. I’ve also go Ubuntu installed on my little Zotac MAG and in a VM.

right now? Linux, as my netbook is my current “primary” system thanks to Intel’s leisurely shipments of fixed 6-series chipsets.

Vista on my laptop, Solaris at work.

Mac OS X on primary desktop and laptop, Win7 on another box for gaming and stuff that requires Windows Exploder. Oh and Ubuntu and Fedora on VMs for fiddling with.

I’m trying very hard to get the house back to 100% Mac.

There’s one Windows laptop that consumes the overwhelming majority of troubleshooting and repair time that Simply. Must. Go. Away.

Just wondering what the “other” OS might be? After Windows, Mac OS and *nix, what’s left? I’ve got an ancient Compaq in the garage that probably can’t run anything beyond MS-DOS 3.3.

I honestly have no idea. The percentages I found (and averaged and rounded from a few different sources) when writing the OP all ended up with about a 5% leftover. Perhaps it’s just a statistical-data-collecting-margin-of-error-type dealie.

Plus, every time I (or anyone for that matter) puts up a poll, inevitably someone comes in with “Hey! You forgot _______ you big dummy!” so I always try to include the “Other” option.