What- OTHER THAN guns- do you think people can't be trusted with?

What things do you think the general public isn’t competent to handle, and should be banned or limited to specially licensed experts?Since the beginning of the twentieth century narcotics haven’t been allowed to be freely sold; we’re still debating about marijuana. At one time you could buy dynamite in your local hardware store, but you couldn’t legally buy whiskey. And some states still restrict fireworks.

Toxic, poisonous, and chemically active materials. I’ve seen too many people dump too many really dangerous crap into storm drains and creeks.

Some things really do need to be licensed and regulated.

I would put malware on this list, but there really isn’t any way to regulate that.


Cars. They should be registered. And drivers should be licensed. Oh, wait…

Lethal infectious organisms. I don’t want my neighbor to be fooling around with an Ebola For Dummies biowarfare hobbyist kit.

Absolute power. The ability to make decisions which affect the lives of millions of people can’t be left to just one person. Even if the group chosen to make the decisions screws up, at least they get to share the blame around. Usually. Sometimes. Okay, that doesn’t work so good either…


Also lawn chemicals and leaf blowers.

Mercury. As much fun as it is to play with, that shit can kill you.

Radiological material seems an easy one - Pu-239, U-235, Cs-137… I don’t care how cool it is you are *not *building a nuclear reactor as a hobby, young man.

Nu nu nothing ever happened to mu mu mu me.

So far people have listed

Weapons (biological, firearms, explosives, etc)
Dangerous chemicals
Power without checks and balances

I would add to that advanced espionage equipment isn’t something people should be trusted with (this includes cops who don’t have checks and balances).


Cite: California Proposition 8. California Propostion 1A. There are others.

Electrical wiring. The shoddy job done by a home handyman today could cost someone else their life at a random point in the future. I’m cool with electrical work being restricted to trained and licenced professionals only.

Real estate.

Just kidding, but unhealthy eating habits do way more damage to us as a country than illegal drugs.

Seconded. Licensing should be much tougher and penalties should be severe.

Antibiotics. Even after a thorough talking to about how important it is to take 'em all, people don’t. And add to that the urge people have to take them for viral infections…bad news, all around.

Frankly, I’m not even sure we should trust all *doctors *with antibiotics. Some of them are part of the problem, prescribing them without any evidence that the infection is bacterial, or that the bacteria is susceptible to the antibiotic they chose.

The ability to cut people open. Probably worth making sure that people who do that go to school.
Giving legal advice.
Designing bridges and buildings.
Even cutting hair in some places.

Operating bulldozers, backhoes, pile drivers and other types of heavy engineering equipment.

Their neighbors’ spouses.