What P2P Do You Use?

I’m not trying to be inflammatory here, I really need to find a good one.

At the moment, I have eMule downloaded, but I have a LowID. Furthermore, I find that it only downloads decently when the computer is on standby, so it’s better for use during school.

I also have Soulseek, but I find that’s only good for finding single tracks, and the selection isn’t too great.

Finally, there’s BitTorrent. I wish someone would compile a good list of Torrent sites-- I use Suprnova.org, and while downloads go very fast, the selection is pitiful.

What do you use?
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Dude, you need to read the UA and the FAQ again. This is one of those things that we don’t talk about here.

Err, don’t expect too many replies here.

while the law may say that some P2P programs have other uses rather than just warez, we here know better :slight_smile:

asking what is the best to set up a local network between you and your friends may get past the mods. Asking which is the best to d/l mp3’s isn’t I’d say.

Ha ha! Your thread’s gonna get locked!

Wouldn’t be so sure about that, myself. There’ll probably be a lot of wrist slapping going on before it gets locked.

Hey, I’m not asking “how might I best misuse networks to pillage, rape, and worst, to steal copywrited work.” Alright, then.

P2P? What’s that?


Hey! You’re not allowed to talk about this! I’m gonna go get Miss Peabody and she’s gonna…

Oh. Hi guys. I had no idea it would be so crowded in here.

P2P stands for peer-to-peer, and is a networking technology wherein your computer is connected to many others over the internet. It allows one to more or less securely share files with other users on the network. The vast majority of the time, it’s used to illegal share copyrighted material, hence the heated discussion here.

Here’s some more information from a previous thread, if you want to read up on the reasons P2P discussion isn’t really allowed: File Sharing Programs/Networks.

I’ll happily respect the Powers that Be here on this issue, but one thing bothered me:

You know, I can’t think of any others. I’ve seen drug use, deviant sex, political debate, and all sorts of things in between mentioned, but as far as I know, this is the only real ‘taboo.’

Cheap child-sex hotels in Thailand. There’s another thing !

Nope, you could get away with it in a Pit Thread. You could even mention the name of the place, and suggest that any Dopers who happen to be in the area torch it.

My understanding is that you can talk about illegal stuff, as long as it doesn’t drift into HOW to do the illegal stuff. Since it’s almost inevitable that a P2P thread drifts into how to do it, much more so than say, a thread about murder, they pre-emptively close these threads.

I disagree with the policy FWIW, because there’s excellent legal P2P applications such as distribution of free software such as LINUX distros and other free software demos. But there’s plenty of other forums out there to discuss such things.

Even in the pit they’re not going allow suggestions that people commit arson.

Yeah they are. No one bitches about folks in the animal cruelty threads saying that they hope that the abusers get the shit kicked out of them, or that if they were able to, they’d beat the shit out of the abuser.

Generally hoping someone gets the shit beat out them isn’t quite at the level of encouraging that people who are near place set it ablaze. If they said “Hey, if anybody is in the Pittsburgh area, go give Joe X an ass-whupping” that would be an encouragement to commit a crime. But the “I hope those guys get their ass beat” statements are not.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Go ahead and mention the name of a place in the pit and encourage people to torch it, and we’ll see what the mods say… :wink:

Surely it’s obvious why P2P discussion is taboo? The Chicago Reader lawyers put a rocket under the webmasters, and said “don’t you dare let anyone get anywhere near P2P discussion, just for safety’s sake”. WAG, of course :wink:

This thread’s not closed yet?

Neato! The mods are asleep! Let’s go nuts!!!

Eats all the cookies, drinks all the Kool-Aid, bounces up and down on the bed like crazy, shouts “booger” at the top of voice

Interestingly, the FAQs for the board include:

How often is that enforced? And hell, couldn’t they at least point us non-Merkins to a source that lists the banned drugs of the US? :smiley: