What part of the bunny do you eat first?

I’m liking this place more and more. But let me know if I’m overposting okay?

I like to eat the ears first…then work my way to the feet.

The liver. I always eat the liver first. Oh, waiddaminit. You mean the marshmallow easter bunnies, don’t you.

The horror! The horror!

The tail! :smiley:

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I meant the chocolate variety you dingdongs…LOL.

I’m hoping to get to the store and get one of those Lindt bunnies.

If you don’t eat the ears first, you’re a communist.

Yer pal,


Still not smoking, but away from my meter!

I can empathize!

There was a recent centerfold Chocolate Bunny that I couldn’t decide where to eat first.

I always bite the eyes out first, while screaming: “Stop staring at me!!!”

What do you want for Christmas, Crow? I want to decide who lives and who dies!

Of course it’s the ears first.

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I’ve got to eat the feet first, so they can’t run away.

I eat the ears first, because they’re so lightweight, then I poke out the eye and throw it out because I don’t like them, and then I put the rest of the bunny on a cutting board, and slice and dice it into small bite-size pieces and eat them while watching tv.

Oh, and then I feel sick.

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Male or female bunny?

Ya’ll are hilarious! On behalf of all of us carnivores, missbunny, let me be the first to apologize for our dispicable behavior!

** I always bite the eyes out first, while screaming: “Stop staring at me!!!” **
Satchmo, you’re delightfully sick! :smiley:

:::::whispering so missbunny can’t hear::::
of course, I eat the ears first, they say, that hearing is the first sense to go, I’m only helping!

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Can that be rephrased?

“Which half do you eat first?”

Them bunnies aren’t so very big, you know…

I forgot to tell you this, concrete, there is NO such thing as posting too much, when the subjects you pick are interesting…** yours are ** so, not to worry! :smiley:


“I never saw so many words compressed into so small an idea.” Abraham Lincoln



::Ahem:: Ok, so the ears are established as the first.

So, do you snap them off, or bite them off?

Eschew Obfuscation

Of course, we all nibble!!

I like to start about mid thigh and work my way up, although the navel makes a pleasant alternative.

If it’s a solid bunny, the ears. Hollow, I bite the face off.

Definitely ears first, then the poor thing looks so lopped off (groan) I HAVE to go ahead and eat the rest.

Marshmallow bunnies are probably okay in dire emergencies, but only chocolate bunnies are bona fide Easter junk food. Heretical as it may seem, the hollow ones are the best. The solid ones involve too much messy gnawing on the thick parts.

Oh, and Concrete? Don’t sweat posting too often. Your stuff is a hoot!