What parts of your brain does spelling use?

I’ve always been a pretty poor speller. I read all the time, but many of the words don’t stick in my head right.

My son is a natural speller. He just won his grade level spelling bee and is on the the district-wide contest. He doesn’t study spelling much, it just seems to come naturally for him.

So what part of the brain is spelling connected with? Is it pattern recognition?

A network of regions in the language center of the brain. For most people this is on the left hemisphere, sort of in the area where the lobes meet, but particularly in the temporal lobe. There isn’t one place to point to, and indeed damage to different areas can produce different types of alexia (acquired dyslexia), as well as writing, speech, and comprehension difficulties.

He is left handed. Does this matter?

Left handed people are more likely to be lateralized towards the right. Nevertheless, the vast majority of people, right or left handed, have most language functions in the LH.